True Story! Wife Vs Wife Catfight!

I'm so excited to relive this story for you. I know it will turn you on. It was one of the hottest things that has ever happened to me, if not THE hottest thing. I can't wait to hear what you think of it all. Maybe it's not necessary for me to say this, but this actually happened. Even as I write it out and relive it, I can't believe it actually happened!

So, me and a buddy decided to split the cost of a Colorado lodge in Breckenridge a couple winters ago. It was a large, two-bedroom cabin type place with a big central room that had a sunk in floor, sofas, and a fireplace that we got roaring within the first half hour of being there. Me and my buddy were old college friends, but our wives didn't really know each other well, so we were looking forward to relaxing at the slopes and just blazing and having fun. It looked like it was going to go well at first, until I realized that our wives didn't seem to be getting along very well. Every time my wife would say something or tell a story, my buddy's wife would cut her off or talk over her. Every time my buddy's wife would start to talk, my wife would talk over her. I'm not ever sure where it started or how, but for some reason that I was never able to piece together or get an explanation of, they didn't like each other. When we were packing up the car for the road trip, at one point my buddy and I were having a smoke near the front of the truck while the wives were around back packing the trunk, and all of a sudden we heard raised voices and realized they were bickering about who's suitcase should go on top. We got real quiet and listened as they argued for a minute or two, then finally my wife just slammed the trunk and walked away. I wanted to ask if everything was okay, but her eyes told me "don't!" So we just got in the truck and drove on.

On the way things got more heated. They argued about the radio station, not like a full out argument, just a sort of tense energy between them. I should point out they were practically twins. Identical in size and shape and coloring. Golden hair, 5'7, large breasts and hips. So maybe there was some unspoken competition going on between them, I have no clue. My buddy and I just kept our mouths shut. At the gas station they bickered about who should pay for the gas, this time at least they were arguing over something courteous, but it was still weird. When we finally got to the lodge and got settled, they argued over which couple should get which bedroom, until me and my buddy just picked our rooms and that was that. Soon we were relaxing in front of the fire, but the girls were still bickering, this time about something political from the news.

So my buddy finally said, after a few smokes and drinks, "Hey, why don't you two just fight?" He was laughing when he said it, and I laughed too, but then my wife...and I guess I should have expected this...stared us jokers down and said "Okay. But why don't you jokers show us how it's done?" For once, they agreed on something. They set in right away egging us on and telling us to fight each other. My buddy was blushing and I'm sure I was too, but after all that daring and the drinks, etc, what could we do. So we reluctantly got to our feet. We were in shorts and t shirts, and we just shrugged and were like "what? right here?"

The wives nodded, and we got to work moving the sofas out of the sunk in central floor space. We took some of the cushions and spread them out on the floor and the girls got comfortable on a sofa on either side and watched. So me and my buddy peeled off our shirts and wrestled, laughing, and a little awkwardly, with the women cheering us on, until I finally got him in a camel clutch and he tapped out. The women applauded and we quickly shook hands and returned to the couch.

"So...?" my buddy to the wives. And just like that, they got to their feet and stood, nose to nose, in the center of the sunk in floor, just staring each other down, and ******** down to bra and panties. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Then, amazingly, my buddy's wife just unfastened her bra, and tossed it to my buddy.

"What?" she said to my wife, "the boys fought with no tops on. Why shouldn't we?"

So my wife took off her bra and tossed it to me. THEN, to one up my buddy's wife that much more, she rolled down her panties, and stood there completely nude in front of my buddy's wife.

"What?" she said to her. "Can't handle it?"

Not wanting to be shown up, my buddy's wife quickly took off her panties.

The they started circling each other like cats, shoving each other and calling each other names. "*****!" "****!" "*****!" It was all happening so fast, but before I could stop it or do anything, they both shot their hands out at each other at the same time and grabbed handfulls of each others hair with both hands! They clattered to the floor, rolling and kicking and shouting our obscenities. I remember my wife held onto her opponent's hair with one hand and let go with the other so she could deliver a series of slaps to my buddy's wife's face and breasts. My buddy's wife followed suit, and soon they were rolling, and slapping, and even punching, while still gripping each other's hair with one hand.

All at once they let go of each other, as if on command, and got to their knees, heaving, and lunged at each other again, this time their hands tangling, fingers locking in a test of strength. Their breasts were grinding together, and one of them fell on top of the other and they rolled over again, then sprang to their feet and ran at each other to go again. Only this time my buddy and I were on our feet, pulling them apart.

They were clawing against us and screaming "no!" and trying to get back at each other. Finally we got them to sit down on opposite sides of the room and take a deep breath. I wasn't sure what had just happened, but there was no calming them down. They wanted to fight. So we told them they could continue but they HAD to agree to some rules or they'd end up tearing each other apart.

After some time had passed and they'd both had some water to drink, they agreed to fight with rules. So my buddy wrote on the big dry erase board in the kitchen a list that we ALL agreed to.


They even shook on it.

And started in again on each other, this time more slowly, and carefully. This time it was more of a wrestling match. My buddy's wife got the better of my wife on that first go round, and ended on top of her smothering her with her breasts shoved together. My wife tapped out, and they separated. After more name calling, they went at it again. THIS TIME my wife came out victorious, straddling my buddy's wife and sitting right on her face so she couldn't get up. ***** in her mouth, she begged to be let up, and my wife let her up after a long struggle and a time of taunting.

By now my buddy and I had our shorts off and were jacking off!!!!

They agreed to one more match to decide a winner and that match was long and hard. They rolled over and over each other, and they got really nasty with the hair pulling, and later, fingers in *******, probing and jabbing. At times they both seemed to enjoy it. It was hard to tell if they were moaning in pain or in pleasure or just from exhaustion. They mauled each others breasts, and punched each other in the belly, but not too hard. Finally my buddy's wife got her fingers so deep into my wife's ***** she couldn't take it any more and moaned out in pleasure that she was giving in. My buddy's wife planted a full kiss on her lips, they pushed her away. I was so devastated to see my wife lose the fight, but I knew she'd fought valiantly. But it wasn't over yet.

My buddy's wife went into their bedroom and came back with a huge, black, double-ended *****, and told my wife that she was the loser, so she had to do whatever she was told. And just like that, the two women got on their knees and mounted the ***** from both ends and started riding it hard, face to face, just inches apart from each other, breasts bouncing.

EVEN THEN they couldn't stop arguing. My buddy's wife said my wife was using more than her fair share of the *****. My wife called my buddy's wife a selfish ****. And STILL RIDING THE ***** they started fighting again, pinching each other's ****, spitting in each other's faces, slapping each other in the face, and their favorite, hair pulling, all while riding the ***** and moaning and calling each other all sorts of names. Finally they locked fingers once again and had themselves a test of strength, and even with the ***** between them, even after all that, my wife muscled my buddy's wife onto her back, and ****** her hard and fast, taking charge of the *****, until they both came, kissing, and tonguing, and stroking each others breasts.

Me and my buddy high-fived each other, AMAZED by our good luck, and actually came in unison.

After that we all got along perfectly for the rest of the weekend!

Only now my wife feels it's unfair I got to watch her fight nude and she has posted the following advertisement on Craigslist:

Fight/Wrestle my husband. If you beat him, you can have me... - mw4m - 27 (Upper East Side)

Hey boys,

So I have always found the idea of two men fighting over me to be incredibly hot. My husband has agreed to fulfill my fantasy and take on another bloke while I watch. The winner of the fight gets me. If you win, my husband has agreed to let you have your way with me as the ultimate prize. If he wins, you can watch us go at it. Think you're man enough to take him on?

The battle can be a rules fight, boxing, or submission wrestling. I prefer wrestling, but will be happy with anything. You decide. The only thing I insist on is that both men fight it out COMPLETELY NUDE. I want to see that manhood bouncing around, exposed, and ready for me.

Please reply with your stats, and fight experience, if any. My husband will be receiving the replies so you men can sort out the details, and all he asks is that you send a face pic so he knows who he'll be taking on. We can do voice verification if you want. I'm so wet thinking about two men tangling for the right to have me, I almost can't handle it.

I'm 5'7, 133lbs, 36DD, and hot for a good fight.

Over 50 men have responded to the ad. Looks like I'm in for it now!
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That was one sexy, exciting catfight! I'm totally aroused!

sexy,,,have yahoo messenger?

no. sorry. we can email.