Just Got A Text From My Wife..part 2

Sorry it has been so long since I wrote last!! Well this is what happened After I left the golf course. well When I got to my car I had got another Text but this time it was a picture text. And as soon as i saw the **** in the text I new she had hooked back up with her first boy friend from back in her high school days!! It was Neils **** for sure. his **** is just about as long as mine ( 9" 1/2) just not quite as thick as my ****!! However he Pounds the hell out of her ***** & he **** in buckets!! ( Yea for Me) always **** at least twice sometime 3 times!!. any way,after I got the pic I sent back a text to tell Neil I said hello!! LOL.. She replied back with her own LMAO!! and said she new I would know just whose **** it was that she was about to get ****** buy!! but she said she had a surprise for me today.. HUMMMM what more could she give me than a huge ******** or two!! then she told me to go home and lay on the bed and for no reason was I to even touch my **** until she said other wise!! So i tossed the clubs in the trunk and drove like a mad man to get home!! When I got home I ripped of my close jumped in bed and waited for about an hour or so and got another text!! This time it was a pic of her sitting reverse cowgirl on Neils **** and him holding her by her wrist pulling her hard back on his **** and I could just see a glimpses of his load of *** he was pumping into her soaking wet *****!!!! My **** was just about to bust!! when I got a Phone call that said It was a request to have some Face-time on my I-Phone so i said yes and just as I hit yes her face popped on my screen with her sucking his **** clean on both of there ***!! she licked it so slow taking him down to his balls then sucking his balls into her mouth to clean them as well tell me she had a big surprise for me.. about that time I seen his **** start to come back to life so she looked at me with his **** right next to her face growing all thick again and said do not jack off and hung up the phone!! I was in such pain my **** was so ******* hard!! so fast forward about another hour I got a simple text and just said on my way home I LOVE YOU!! and Thank You! I heard the car door shut and she walked into the house and the straight to our bedroom and she started to get undressed and i could smell there sent and it smelled of ***** and a lot of ***!! so she took everything off but her panties and asked If I was still hungry?? and of coarse I said hell yes and get over and feed me my prize!! So she very slowly moved over my chest and i could fell her panties were soaked and it was still a bit warm so i knew the *** was still fresh!! Then she squatted over my face and told me to lick her panties and get all the *** i could get!! and i did just that!! and she laughed a bit and said you just love this **** don't you?? so i replied yes I sure do!! then after i had cleaned her panties enough for she pulled her panties to one side just a bit and she pushed hard and a huge glob of *** came running out of her ***** straight into my mouth!!! so I sucked and sucked as hard as I could then pushing my tongue as far as i could in her ***** to get the rest of his two loads so i thought after i had got it all Out and she had a big " O " she told i was not quite done just yet she got up and turned around and went to squat back over my face again . then i saw it!! A butt plug She had let Neil **** her in her ***!! so she asked if i was still hungry and slowly pulled the butt plug out of her *** and OH MY GOD it just started pouring out!! so I about knocked her over to get to it so I would not miss any!! and just as to tongue touched her *** she started sucking my **** wile i cleaned her good and we came just like that!!! she swallowed my load and I just about passed out from the release it gave!!! this was the First time she had let some one other than me ****** her in the ***!! & I hardly ever get to do that to her. she did video it for me so we watched after when i got my head back on straight!! LOL!! well i hope you enjoy!!
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May 7, 2012