Wife Dancing With Other Men (cancun)

On a recent vacation my wife and I went to this club down in Cancun. I love it when she dresses really sexy and this night was no disappointment. She has this ultralight microfiber one piece dress than feels like a piece of tissue between her and me. She wore that, a nude thong and shoes. She really looked hot.

The club we went to was packed. We got great seats, as we were with a guided tour. I loved dancing with her all night and she was getting a ton of attention from the crowd, and was asked to dance a few times by one of the guides. By 1am or so, we're both loaded and I'm too tired to dance. I don't mind watching her dance with other guys, actually it kinda makes me hot, I know she's faithful.

Anyway, she and the guide are dancing, joking, flirting for like an hour. She's falling back against him in this next to nothing dress and I can see he's taking it all in (if you know what I mean). She "accidentally" falls down on his lap a few times, dirty dances pushing back against him... I loved watching her, as I always do. At one point she was literally pushing her butt hard against him, while he cupped both of her **** with his hands. I'd never seen her go this far. I had to get up and sandwich her in there. We danced like that with her turning around occasionally, then we moved out to the main dance floor. It was so friggin packed - unreal.

As the crowd swayed back and forth and the girls jumped to the music as best they could, I saw her dress get caught briefly in the crowd exposing her *** for a second - not that anyone could see really, I just caught a glimpe as I was dancing with someone else. What I did see was a hand on her naked *** at that point... I almost died. I'm sure they got the same feeling in there anyway, with that tissue of a dress, but hey - this was flesh to flesh. :)

We had some awesome sex the next morning (when we got back we pretty much just passed out). We did have a lot of fun on the cab ride back to the resort though.

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great story my wife has done that sort of thing and i love to watch as she get lose guys always feel her up on the dance flore some times i able to watch and some times she comes back to me and tells me , once at cancun they had a thong contest she went runner over and entered in when on stage she pulled down her pants to show her thong and pulled her thong down just enough that all delow could see her ***** as she turned face them and then giving them the rear view , was a lot of fun

Great story! Thanks.

Great story. she is really liking pushing out those boundaries and enjoying the feeling of other men fondle her hot bod. How have things progressed since your trip to Cancun? This was 3 years ago...

Our kind of fun!

My almost ex is going to Playa del Carmen and she's looking to get ******** with big *****...she used to be a nice "quiet" house wife....milf that when we went to the mall kids and guys would stare at her all the time...she's turned into a nymphomaniac...just can't get all the **** she wants...DP...you name it...

I shared an experience on here before, about a night where I watched my wife dirty dancing with a man whilst I watched, how hot I found it, and how I was desperate for it to happen again.<br />
<br />
Well last weekend it did, here is a blow by blow account of what happened.<br />
<br />
She took forever to get ready, but she was worth the wait. She wore a very, very tight and thin wrap around dress, stockings, suspenders (garter for our american friends) and 5" red heels. Importantly, no knickers or bra. She flashed me on our way out to show me this fact. We went for a meal and the sexual tension was already there as we both knew we were on for a special night. After the meal we headed for our local bar/club and drank heavily and quickly. <br />
<br />
Not before long we took to the dance floor. Within a few minutes a guy started dancing with her, and although they had a bit of a dance she wasn't feeling it so we sat back down and had a few more drinks. From nowhere a smiley South African man appeared and introduced himself as Craig, and instantly there was chemistry between him and my wife and this turned me on. He asked me if I minded if he danced with my wife, I said sure, but I'll join you.<br />
<br />
On the dance floor, there was no hanging about, within a couple of minutes they were all over each other. I saw him groping her arse and running his hands down her side, even catching a glimpse of him fiddling with her suspenders. I was pumped, then I saw something that almost made me pass out with sexual excitement. He has was up the front of her skirt, and clearly his fingers were on her *****. I looked at her face, her eyes were closed and she was licking her lips. She opened her eyes and looked right at me, running her tounge across her lips at me. This went on for a good 15 mins, I had the hardest **** I've ever had, and she was writhing on his fingers as she danced. Eventually, they came off the dance floor as he needed the mens room. I talked to my wife, I told her if she wanted to **** him she could, I was that aroused. She wasn't sure, not yet. When he came back, he dropped a bit of a bombshell, telling us he had to go because he'd seen a friend of his wife and couldn't risk being caught. My wife was very dissappointed, but we exchanged numbers and agreed for a night out soon.<br />
<br />
The night didn't end there though. After a few more drinks, my wife was totally hammered. I helpded her get to the taxi rank, and put her in the front of the car as she has been known to get car sick in the back of cars when drunk. I jumped in the back and told the driver our address. The ride was to take about 15 mins, so I settled back in the seat.<br />
<br />
Thats when I noticed she had put her feet up on the dash board, pulled her skirt up and was ************ right there and then next to the driver. I looked at him, he was clearly trying to watch but was worried I'd catch him, so I pretended to be asleep, just keeping a tiny bit of one eye open to watch the show. Then it happened. I saw her reach across and grab his hand, and pull it back between her legs. He checked the mirror, I stayed motionless. Then he started to stroke her *****, I could smell the sex in the air. She groaned, this mad eme open my eyes and he caught my eye. Quickly he put his hands back on the steering wheel and looked worried. I lent forward and said "don't worry mate, fill your boots". So he pulled over, and gave her a proper fingering. She pushed him back, told him to get his **** out and sucked him off right there and then. The excitement was clearly too much for the guy, he cam within about 20 second of her getting her lips around his ****, then got very embarassed so he drove us home in silence, not even waiting for us to pay (I guess he'd got his payment!).<br />
<br />
I had the best sex ever with my wife when we got in, and the next morning, images of her sucking his **** running through my head.<br />
<br />
Oh, and the good news...... been in contact with Craig, and the three of us have agreed to a night out in a different town next Friday. I can't wait. If people would like me to report on what happens, just ask.<br />
<br />
Thanks for listening, hope you enjoyed.

I have also developed a fetish for watching my wife do this. It has happened a few times, and started at a party when I saw a guy stroking her back and instead of being angry I was utterly turned on.<br />
<br />
I told my wife and we agreed to have a night out to see what else we enjoyed.<br />
<br />
She dressed up very sexily and we hit a club. after several drinks she hit the dance floor and I loitered near by. She was soon in a clinch / close dance with this dude and before I knew it they were seriously dirty dancing. His hands were all over her *** and he was grabbing her everywhere, I could even see him playnig with her thong and stockings through her tight skirt. I was so turned on I just let it happen. When it finally came to an end she admitted that he had put his fingers inside of her. This drove me wild with excitement and we had our best ever sex that night.<br />
<br />
We've been back since, and she's had a lot of dirty dances and several kissing sessions with guys whilst I watch nearby and I'm always turned on. I keep hoping she will get fingered again but it hasn't happened since.<br />
<br />
I wonder where this journey will end, I love her, but I find the thought of her with another man so erotic.

Awesome story.

Nah, we're both pretty sure where our line is. Thanks for the comment!

"I know she's faithful." Are you going to try and change that? If you two liked the dancing, think how hot sex would be..........he he

We will be in Cancun May 11 to May 20 and hope to do the same

thanks for the story

Great fun and great reading. Thanks for sharing.