Wife Flirts

I have a hundred and one stories about seeing my wife flirting. In bars, clubs, at work with her clients and at parties.

I have seen her smiling and running her hand along her leg or running her hand up inside her skirt and seen her playing footsie with guys when they have been there with their wife.
She has flirted at a party and then got the host to show her around the house meaning she went up to bedrooms with him and I know she will have either ****** him or wanked him off.
Seen her sitting in bars and letting her legs fall open so that guys can see up her skirt and she smiles at them and lets them buy her a drink. I am sure that even thoiugh I have been there I am sure she has exchanged telephone numbers.
Part of her job in to take clients out to lunch and dinner and I see what she wears and have little doubt that she flirts like mad and ***** those she likes.
If I question her about it she says I must be joking and I must have missunderstood what she was doing.
I no longer ask and act like I dont notice all the things she does.
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6 Responses May 6, 2011

Good for her.
Must be a thrill.

great wife

love my wife to flirt

Me too but she is not that adventurous yet - only if happens by accident she will flirt like crazy

Should start sharing her and the sex drive will increase. Trust me

not sure what you mean by that?

There was a time we would **** everyday and she would do whatever I wanted her to. Although that has changed and we are now down to once or twice a week I do feel the excitment in her sometimes after she has been out to dinner with client or if she has been chatting to other guys on holiday and places like that.

Totally relate to that exactly the same here - it's like the only thing to turn her in more is to be more naughty taking little steps at a time