"i Can Do That", She Said

The other night she danced with a few guys while we were out on the town. We returned home and I asked if she would dance with other men in a sexy way?; she said yes. I asked if she would allow them to caress her breasts?, she said if you want me too. She asked who?; I said you choose. She said I wold like to do it with xxx, a former boyfriend; ouch a curveball I didn't anticipate, I said, well I did say, you choose. I told her the thought both excites me and scares me; she said she completely understands. Hmmm. Been thinking about it a few days and think I would like to arrange having him over for drinks and now thinking of asking her to rub his ****, and then what??? I don't want to set the limit for her, but don't want her to go too far, not even sure how far I would want her to go. Scared but sexually excited; weird.
Months ago when I first told her I wanted her act sexual toward another man, she recoiled - not anymore.
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Any progress ??!!! This is all very exciting stuff :)

thanks for your thoughts and insights

Sharing my wife started with us talking about her sexual experienc with past boyfriends. There weren't many and it was a long time ago, but they never ceased to fascinate me. Question: are you ultra secure in your relationship with her? If you can answer yes, I think that you (like me) will enjoy each and every moment of what happens...and what may happen. I find myself enjoying my wife playing while I'm not there as much as I do when I'm watching. There is wonderful suspense and anticipation involved when you're not there. In fact, my sexy Hotwife, may have a little tryst with one of her boys tonight in a car, while I am several states away on travel. I hope she does and I hope she's really bad and I hope to hear each and every detail recounted back to me when we are lying naked in bed together upon my return. There is nothing hotter than that in my mind! Good luck to you.

The more I think about it, the more I am willing to let her engage as much as she wishes - really have no idea how far she would take the opportunity, though she admits (and I can verify) when she gets tuned on, she gets VERY HOT. The anticipation of it all, not knowing up front how far she will go is a big part of the turn on for me, so i do not want to tell her where the line is she should not cross, though at the same time not sure I want her to engage in hours of hot sex. Thinking instead of inviting the guy over, have the conversation drift to sex, and then make an excuse why I have to go to the store for half an hour or so - allow whatever to happen in that short time - collect the details after I return. I really am not interested in watching - not knowing exactly what is going on at the time is exciting, though frightening.

Well, if you engage your wife to start interacting with the ex-BF then keep in mind that the ex-BF will have a mind of his own.... you may want to define in advance with your wife just what is in-bounds vs. out of bounds. Don't assume that she will respect your boundaries after things start getting hot 'n heavy. Figure out what you want to happen and then be up front with her.... from the sound of things she would be willing to work with you (rather than independently or against you).

That was a curveball and maybe your ex<x>pression made her back out

I didn't tell her it was a curve ball, only thought it.