Enjoyed Watching My Wife Get ****** By Another Man

After teasing and talking about going further than the flirting at the bars, we decided to go a little further. We found someone who enjoyed giving massages and had no problem allowing me to be in the room. It was very nice to watch as our new friend gave her a very erotic massage all over her body. He began while she layed face down and massaged her legs around her *** and and lower back, this really relaxed her as I knew she was very nervous with me also in the room.

He moved quickly and started to kiss and lick her *** checks as I could see him start to finder her *****. Watching my wife moan from someone else was so intense my heart pounded and took my breath away. I sat quietly and watched and listen to my wife's enjoyment. He turned her around spread her legs wide open and started eating her hot *****. By the way , this whole time my wife made me wear a **** cage and was locked and she kept the key hidden most of the evening. The intence feeling of agony I felt as my **** was pressed hard in my cage and could not stroke it but still watch my wife with him was out of this world. He started to suck on her nipples and finger her and I watched my wife thrust her hips into his hand as they both passionately kissed. He then layed on top of her and he slide his **** into her for the first time and I watch my wife take his hard **** deep inside her. Listening to her moan and watching her thrust her hips into every stroke of his **** had me in intense desire for for and wanted so much to to touch her but knew I couldnt. They ****** and kissed and sucked and I watched my wife *** twice. Afterwards they both just layed there while I sat in the chair , the three of us laughing and joking about things and how intense it was for everyone.

After he left , my wife had me take my caged **** out so that she could inspect that I didnt find a way to *** yet. She continued to tease me kissing me telling me how hard he ****** her and how much she enjoyed it. She began so suck on the sleeve of my **** cage, this was pure agony. The head of my **** wanted to explode , I could feel her lips around the sleeve and begged her to unlock my cage. When she did it was such an awesome feeling. She licked and sucked my **** and I was so ready to **** her but instead she had me eat her ***** first and talked to me about how much better he was than I and that I had better work harder. She turned around and had me **** her doggie style and told me text time she might let him **** her in her ***. ITs something she will not do with me yet..

This was more than I thought it would be and can not wait for the next time.

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41-45, M
Sep 13, 2012