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part of the thrill of watching or having your wife **** others is watching her interaction with other men (and women). My wife has becum more confident, more accepting of sexual innuendo, more touchy and to watch her interact flirtatiously drives me crazy. I've noticed that the tone of her voice changes, becomes more husky and her facial expressions tell all of what she wants. This lifestyle produces sexual highs that even the slightest of gestures or the mundane of staements gets your heart beating faster and lasts for days. I'm hooked on watching my wife and love her more than anytime in our lives. She fantastic and is a great lover. She has becum skilled in pressing the right buttons for different men and all this I've been a witness too.


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My wife was normally very conservative but after a few drinks at a party she would loosen up and I loved it. What made it even better was that she knew I enjoyed watching her turn men on and encouraged it. She was 5'5", 120 lbs, nice boobs, nice ***, great legs, long blond hair and blue eyes. WE didn't care if they were married or single. I knew that all the men wanted to get their hands on her. This really boosted my pride and ego. "You want her but she's mine." Watching her slow dance, I knew that she was grinding her ***** against their hard ***** before a hand would slide down to her *** and usually both hands to pull her closer. I loved watching a hand slide up her side to cup a nice firsm boob. She would kiss their necks and lips softly until the could get into a dark corner and I knew she had her tongue doen the man's throat. Men woulld stand beside her and reach down and fondle her *** knowing I was watching and not ob<x>jecting. Word usually got around parties with new people that she was tochable. Ocassionally she would invite one home with us for a wonderful *********. They would then get to feel naked what they had been feeling clotherd but wanting naked. And then enjoy some fabulous *****. Wonderful, wonderful times.

Yes. Days and Days, Months and Months. It seems that the more fun we have - the more fun we have!

I Would love to follow your progress into this lifestyle. I am not naive enough to think that it's good for all, but It would be a real thrill to go through each detail with a couple that were developing their desires. You never know, I may even get to **** your wife, or you, mine. Mmmm sounds good.<br />
If you ever wish to chat , you can find me here on EP or my yahoo. com account is mtmultitalented<br />
Good luck, and I look forward to you experianceing days long horny sensations.<br />