My Wife's Other Love

I've always loved when my wife was with other guys.  I don't know why, but her pleasure has always come first, and my penis is just too small to get the job done.  But I love her, and she loves me.  We started shortly after we got engaged, and continued until about a year ago.   I was always allowed to watch, until she met her last boyfriend.  He lived in the same town we did, and it's a small town, so I think he didn't allow me to watch because he was afraid of having to deal with a jealous husband, or whatever.  I had always been extremely turned on watching, and was occasionally even allowed to join in.  She would never allow me to touch her during her sessions with her other men, but she liked whenever I sucked his **** to get him hard for her, and she liked me to help him enter her.  I always loved these times, and I quickly got addicted to them.  But this last boyfriend was different.  I never was allowed to meet him, but they used to call each other on the phone and talk to each other a lot.  Every weekend, when they were off work, they'd spend the whole two days talking to each other, and she always looked forward to his calls, or she'd call him if she got too impatient.  Every evening after work she'd go to his place and have sex with him until after midnight, then come home and go to bed.  She'd come home with hickeys all over her neck, or her breasts, and she'd tell me the details.  I discovered that this was even more of a turn-on for me, the fact that she was now doing it not to fulfill my fantasies, but for her own enjoyment and pleasure.  That's what I wanted after all.  I wanted her to experience the joy of sex for her own enjoyment.  Then suddenly it ended.  She stopped going over there, and stopped calling him.  She wouldn't answer his calls either.  She said it wasn't over a fight or anything, she said it was because she was afraid it would tear us apart.  I'm not sure, but I think she may have fallen in love with him because sometimes I would catch her crying.  She doesn't do that anymore, but what I know is she was never in any danger of losing me, so I can only think that I was in danger of losing her, and she didn't want that.  Sometimes it tears me up wondering, but still, it's a BIG BIG part of the excitement.  I have always wanted her to have a regular lover, and still do.  I know that our love can handle it, because it is as strong as ever now.

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A good question Jeanette69. I feel a wife should at least share that much of herself with her husband. MHO, mjb0007bond

oh wow did you get to eat the ********

Sorry, I don't know where I got the idea your wife's lover was a black guy. Must have read it in another story. Wow, that is so hot that your wife is being exclusive to her boyfriend. It must be excruciatingly erotic for you knowing she is giving herself completely to her lover. Hopefully you will be allowed pregnant silky smooth seconds when that time ****. My best to you, Cheers, mjb0007bond

He's not black, I don't think I clarified that. She has been with black guys before and that was very hot, but it's been a few years since then. She has started seeing her last boyfriend again, so that's really exciting. She always takes him bareback, because she knows him and his history and she knows he's safe. She's trying something new, and is not allowing me any kind of sexual contact with her, saying she wants to remain faithful to him as long as she's seeing him. I can still hold her, and cuddle with her, but that's as far as I can go. She does not use birth control with him, she likes taking chances and is willing to have children by him should it come to that. As for my feelings on the matter, she and I have discurssed it in the past, and I've explained to her that I would love it if she had another man's baby, I would love and raise it as if it was my own. So far it hasn't happened, but she wants it to, and so do I.

All good questions!

Yes, I find the contrast of a white woman with a black guy hot. Interracial couples make beautiful children. Did your wife take him bareback? Have you moved up to cream pies or sloppy seconds? Does your wife use birth control or take her chances? Do you want your wife to be pregnant from her black lover? Sorry for all the questions. Inquiring minds want to know.