First Time My Wife Rode A Well Hung Stranger

I'm 35 and my wife is 7 years younger than me and a very sexy and horny girl that enjoys being a ****. She enjoys the feeling when a man **** deep inside her when she feels the throbbing and the hot *** fill her up she *** every time. We have only had one ********* where she let me watch her ride a stranger we meet online that day. She rode him bare back and as I requested he pushed all 8 1/2 inches of his **** in her and held it while I seen his balls tighten and his shaft throbbing as he pumped her full. My wife almost screamed and she had him soaked already by the time her hot ***** milked his *** they laid there catching there breath still inside her she slowly got up off him and I could not belive how big the head of his **** was! She said it hurt just getting it out and her tiny ***** was swollen red and dripping with both there come and when she was laying there I see the thickest part of his load slide out and down her *** I hurried and walked up with my **** throbbing I no sooner got the head in
And I just shot all my load in her cause what I say was better than I ever thought it would be! I'm an Addicted to guys ******* my wife now!
Shestheoneucumin4me Shestheoneucumin4me
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37 Responses May 22, 2012

your a very lucky man very hot story

check the pics

Nice story! I love see another **** in my wife's *****

That is a hot story. I would like to see that happen to my wife too. I don't think it will happen. I bet you get turned on every time you think about it though. I would! Thanks for sharing!

great story. Very hot!

Mmm great story sounds great

Yes, have to agree, it's a beautiful thing to see your wife enjoying another guy.<br />

good story! my girlfriend I had a time like that,but we were at a adult store! your story gives me good memories!

That's a fantasy I have is her in book store and her riding me while all those pervs watch and then giving all of them a turn and making her a hot mess!

You should tell you GF about it. You never know! If she into it as much as you are. It WILL excite her! My GF knew she was safe with me by her side. She opened up even more.

How many guys ****** her? ***?