Also Need Help.

Would love to find a couple near Canton, Ohio, who would like to try to seduce my loving wife into a freer lifestyle.  She can be very sexy at times, but I need some help turning her on.  A smooth seduction by a couple is one of my biggest fantasies.  Definitely want to watch and will help out any way I can.
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Lots of wisdom above. When my gf and I went to our first club, she was curious, she wanted to please me, and she kept telling herself "I don't have to do anything I don't want to." She can say No; you can be the devious Lord Chamberlain whispering encouragement and suggestions. Whatever makes her feel safe.

Hey Tom, good to hear from you. So far all fantasy here, but really would like to meet like-minded people, develop a friendship, and do some serious flirting to try to stimulate some interest.

My wife and I were in Canton last year. I have family there and they have been asking us to visit. We don't live that far and have been looking for a weekend getaway destination. But to be honest, we have never tried anything with another couple, but I too have fantasized about it.

Now if only I was married again!

Have been on Swinglifestyle for a while now. Have made a couple contacts. Nothing concrete yet, but seem to be making progress. Mostly single males show interest. Would really like to have a couple help us out.

My wife and I have had pleasing experiences with a with a website It can be free or paid... naturally paid is better.