Bourbon Street Stripping

My wife and I like to frequent Bourbon Street for some drunken fun as we only live about an hour away. We usually just bar hop and visit a few ***** clubs. She has always mentioned that she would love to get on stage one day and ***** at an amateur night or something like that. Naturally I have generally encouraged this:) but has never happened.

This particular day (about 6 months ago)we were there early and it was still light outside. We had been to a few bars already and were ready to go to a few ***** clubs. The first one we hit wasn't so great. She made the comment that they wish they would let her on stage because she could prob do better.

I suggested we go to the one down the street that we usually go to. They had an upstairs section with a stage. My idea was that it was early and would be nearly empty and maybe we could talk them into letting her get on that one.

So we entered that club and went straight upstairs to the VIP section to see what kind of action was going. The only person up there was one of the girls that worked there throwing t shirts from the balcony. She informed us that upstairs wasn't even open yet but that we were welcomed to help her throw some stuff from the balcony. So we hung out for a while and had some fun throwing t shirts and beads to folks walking by. I told the girl that was there what our intentions were. That we were hoping my wife would be able to get on stage there. She said she couldn't help us there but if we wanted to walk down the street with her to this other club she worked at then she thought we could probably do it there. Great! Off we went.

She brought us upstairs to a very similar place we just left. She said we could do whatever we wanted there but it was empty just like the other place:( The exception was two younger guys who were there setting up the bar. Initially my wife tried to get them to let us use one of the private rooms up there so she could give me a lap dance and ****!, but that didn't work out so well. They were afraid they would get in trouble for letting someone have sex in there. She even offered to let one of them watch! Oh well.

We hung out on the balcony a bit there as well. Till finally one of us cam up with the idea for her to give one of the guys working a lap dance! cant remember whose idea it was. One of the guys were sitting taking a break and im not sure if she even asked permission or not but she started giving him a lap dance. Now she was still fully clothed in her regular clothes just sitting and grinding on him which i was thoroughly enjoying. She was turned around facing him while i watched from a distance. I walked up behind his chair and said cmon baby, you gotta show him some ******* for it to be a lap dance! It only took her about half a second to proceed to pull her top down and continue the lap dance. Didn't last much longer though. dont remember why but she got up shortly afterwards.

She got back up and pulled her shirt back up and looked like she was done. I saw the other guy walking by and said "well what about him, cant leave him out!" So she proceeded to grab his hand and lead him to a chair. She go tot the point this time though. Pulled her shirt right off and unhooked her bra. and threw them to the side and commenced to straddling him! At this point I had one huge smile on my face:) I couldn't help myself and pulled out the video on the phone and commenced to videoing the action! I watched her grind and rub her amazing **** all over this beaming guy until she started looking around for me. Then she motioned me over.

I didn't know why she wanted me over by her at the time but it was to complain that this guy wouldn't play with her ****! I dont hear that every day!Seems he was a bit shy. I told him to "go ahead, play with them all you want, no need to be shy and dont worry about me". I walked away while she started to grind on him some more. He was still being shy so she took control and just grabbed his hands and placed them smack on her ****. and MADE him play with them:) That only lasted a minute or two when she raised herself up a bit and stuck one of her **** right in his mouth all the while straddling and grinding on him! that was the highlight of the day. Then she pulled away and jammed the other one right in his mouth! This went on for another minute or two until she finally pulled away. gave him a quick peck on the cheek and then proceeded to put her clothes back on.

I have most of it on video:) - i watch it quite often:)

It was a fun afternoon just watching her let loose some and be such a tease and cut up.
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Hot stuff

DAMN! She sounds like lots of fun. You must have been rock hard watching her. I know I would be. Can you share the video?

I would loe to watch it, please find a way to post or send it.