Wife Wanks At Party

My wife and I went to a party hosted by a friend that used to work with her. I had never met them and she had never met her friends husband. We didn't know anyone apart from the woman that she used to work with. At parties we often go our separate ways and on this night after about half an hour she was talking to a couple and I went to get a drink and started talking to her friend.
As the evening went on her friend and I chatted a couple of times and danced a couple of times. She had a nice body and did not reject my hard co c kk that I let her feel pressing into her c li t area. At one stage we danced past my wife who was chatting to a man. My dance partener said she was talking to her husband.It was quite a busy party and the downstairs toilet was very busy and I was told by her friend that I could use the bathroom upstairs. She took me up and that too was busy. Come and use my en suite she said and took me into their bedroom. She was very attractive and had felt my hard c cc ock pressing into her time and time again and I could feel her pressing back so in her bedroom seemed like a good place to do a little more. I took her hand and placed it on my cc oc k and she seemed very comfortable in stroking it and letting my other hand begin to explore her ***** area. We were stood by the entrance to her en suite and I was looking for best place to ff u cc k her. The door of bedroom opened and I pulled her inside en suit. The light in the bedroom was on as she had turned it on as we came in. We could clearly see her husband and my wife. He clicked the lock on the door and said we must be quick. My wife laid on the bed and let him start to finger her, he laid on bed and started to lick her c uu nt. This she loves. She took his ccc o ck in her mouth. His wife raised her eyebrows at me and whispered he is a dirty bastard. I got behind her and put my hand up her dress and could feel her wet wet panties. She brought her hands round behind herself and got inside my zip to my hard hard cc o ck. I was now fingering her as she wan kkk ed me off and we watched as my wife *** and as she wa nn ke d her husband off and made him c uu m over her face and in her mouth.
I made her c uu m then as her hub and my wife left the room she turned around got down and ss uu cked me off and took my c uuu m in her mouth.
we split up and went back to party room and after a while all four of us got together and were talking. That was first time I saw her **** off another man!
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We see them from time to time.....

Good story if only both parties new they were wannking in tamdem

Does she know you know what she did?

She has no idea

Do you both play around then?

You're lukcy to have such a sexy n horny wife

Wow nice story. I could have gotten into that as well :)

What an awesome experience. It must have been so hot to see your wife suck off that guy.

you a lucky couple awesome story

Never did anything more with these as opportunity never there again

Nice experience...did you guys ever repeat it with the couple, they sound very hospitable :)

She always gets very very horny if she has had a drink or is in a party environment.....

Damn... what an experience! Lucky guy!

Tonyww,<br />
Great story. OMG, that is a turn-on!!! Thanks for sharing your story, Ctb51