My sister was spanked today... and i found it very arousing. i was lying on my bed and ************ while i heard the woosh of the belt and her screams after every hit.

i feel bad about it. this wasnt the first time i have done that... i just cant help myself.
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It's not like you want your sister to be in pain, I'm sure if you were given a choice you would have told your parents not to spank her (most of the time) so it's not like you're wanting it to happen. You most likely remember what it's like for you to get spanked and that can easily arouse any woman, plus with that going on you didn't have to feel the pain yourself so it was easier to be aroused.

Spankings can be very erotic. Some people being spanked experience ******* from the pain and sensual nature. Actually can be highly stimulating, as you see.

I see my sisters get spanked I like it. unless I'm going to get it as well

You cant be held responsible for your physcial reactions.

I'm ************ now!

wow your stories are amazing and turned me on very much. can we please be friends and chat?

It's not odd to find that arousing at all. Add me and let's chat.

Do you think you'd still be aroused hearing and/or watching your sister get a spanking if you knew you were next?

I know how you feel.

I have a 10 inch ****!

it is a turn on to watch

Hey you like what you like. Can't change that.

me too

you certainly are not alone in your feelings

Did you go to check her butt after her spanking was over? That must turned you again a lot.

All it means is that you are turned on by spanking - pretty common. Unless you're going out of your way to cause her to get unfairly spanked you're doing nothing to feel badly about.

would you consider adding me?

you could add me too? tsth2o

MMM lucky girl, am envious ,

I always found it arousing when my sisters got spanked. Especially as teenagers and especially when I could watch since they were always naked waist down.

Wow....add me... ;)

I ll spank you

is it the thought of someone esel except you getting spanked or is it the fact it was your sister getting knickers down and crying?

please add me spankings are used a lot with all of us in my home peter

Hi there want to chat

Did you get her into trouble so you knew she'd be getting it hard with the belt? I wonder if she played listening to you getting it?

naughty girl

I don't know how you didn't creep closer for an actual look? I would have risked a quick phone photo.

Good girl ,

You brazen hussy! A stiff dose of the cane across YOUR buttocks might help!

Nothing to feel bad about; you are just turned on by spanking. There are many of us who feel like you do and would have done the same. If you want more info message me.

That's hot ;)

How old is sis?

she is 17

What was she getting spanked for?

Why was sis getting spanked?

coming home to late and start arguing with mom about it...

So who was spanking her? What was being used? How severe was she getting it?

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Do you get aroused when you are on the receiving end?

i am to scared to be aroused then.... i do ********** afterwards though... it helps with the pain.

nooo ... i bet instead of hearing the whoosh if you saw her getting it .. it would be awfulll

That's one way of looking at it ;-) When I was 12 I soon realised that I just enjoyed it...

You probably find your self wet. There is a large amount of increase blood flow from the spankings that can cause confusion for sure. It is perfectly normal to be aroused

It's true. When I was a teen and being spanked I hated every minute of my HARD spankings. But after, if I played with myself it took my mind off the throbbing sting.

me too. after a certain age I always jerked off afterwards

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