Watching On Holiday

We were on holiday in Egypt a few years ago when this happened to us.

Having arrived as a single couple we made our way around the resort to find out were things were, swimming pools, restaurants etc.
We came across another couple who were doing the same as us, just arrived maybe an hour before us. We became good friends as we chatted and ended up having a drink by the pool.
We met them often during the day and always passed our compliments to them and them to us. He was a bit of a flirt with my wife sometimes but she loved that sort of thing.
To cut a long story short, we were going out for the night around the town when we met them going in the same direction as us. So we coupled up and enjoyed what the night and resort had to offer.
On our way back to the hotel we had a final drink in the bar and they asked us if we would like to join them in their room for another drink and a chat.
We said yes and wondered over to their room. A little larger than ours with TV.
After chatting on the balcony they put on a ***** on the portable DVD player they had with them and linked it to the TV set so we could all see. This had never happened to us before, watching a ***** movie in the company of some one else. What a turn on!
We were getting a little excited down below when our friends, who were laying on the bed, started touching each other. We were a little surprised but carried on watching them and the **** movie on the TV. She looked up at us and asked if we wanted to do the same as them. We immediately started kissing each other and making out on the sofa.
As I had my finger inside my wife she was watching our friends have oral sex on the bed. I was sure she loved it as she was getting wetter and wetter. Without taking her eyes of the couple she unzipped my pants and rubbed my penis. They could see what we were doing and suddenly stopped and came over to us. They sat on the edge of the bed next to us and proceeded to give us a show. They copied what we were doing. It was like seeing yourself in a mirror.
I was in great need to touch them but as I tried they said maybe next time. With this the wife mounted my penis and we came almost immediately. They did the same. When we had both finished we had a drink together and the room was quiet until they asked if we would like to do it again another time. We immediately said yes and met them the following day. For the next week we met and had sex together as a four.
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3 Responses May 15, 2012

Great story! If only I could get my wife in that situation...!

Great story - I liked it extremely;
This is something I would love to do with my "conservative" wife - same room sex. Then explore from there.........thanks for the story

Excellent reading, sounds like a very good holiday