I have so many in my yard that I do often find myself watching them. It's not like I think they are cute, I just like to watch their behavior. They might be a little cute, depending on their tails. LOL I just find it interesting to watch them and see what they do.
soulrunher soulrunher
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*****Goes prancing through soul's backyard with a bushy-tail squirrel outfit on..... :-) *****

DO NOT ask Sugarandspicy to show you the negative! ;-)

shhhhhh. I am behind the times. ;-)

YOU are funny! LOL....that would be ambroseguy!

Did I mention that I am naked under that bushy tail? LMAO

Oh shut up and start practicing your southern drawal! ;-)

Not even one y'all in your drawl! ;-)

Frankly, LLLD3..... ;-)

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They are everywhere here and most are grey.

Here too.

So many!

Don`t mention acorns the broken pieces get caught in my dogs paws. Grrrrrrrr