Famous Girls Been Strangled

As I mentioned in other stories, I have a strangle/neck fetish. It started while watching strangling scenes in movies, sitcoms, etc.

Till now it is very special and diferent for me when a famous actress is strangled in a scene. I know there are short movies full of strangulations, but I don't feel the same as I feel watching in movies or sitcoms where the topic is not exactly strangulation.

One of the first strangling scenes I watched first was the one from "no contest" with shannon tweed been strangled. After that I waited for strangling scenes of my favorites actress. Some of them actually got strangled such as jennifer lopez, jessica alba, uma thurman, etc, etc.

I particularly enjoyed the show buffy the vampire slayer, where sarah michelle gellar is strangled a lot. Maybe that's why she's my favorite actress.

Each time an action movie is announced, I'm waiting an strangling scene.

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1 Response Sep 5, 2012

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