Victorious Spanking Story 2 - Andre Spanks Tori

In this story, I am basing it kinda off of the episode "The Bad Roommate". It starts off at the scene where Tori steals Andres song. Here we go!

"No! I hate butterflies! Either choose a different song or get off the stage." Kojeezy says angrily.
"Um...uh...okay wait. I it doesn't have lyrics..yet.." Tori sputters out.
"Why are you still talking and why is there no music being played or sung?" Kojeezy asked frustrated.
"Um...wait here we go!" Tori immediately said as she started to play a tune on the piano. "La da da da da da da da da da dee doo nananana na na ana la dee do naa yeah yeah..." Tori started to sing on the spot, to the tune of Andres song.
Just as she was singing, Andre walked in and recognized the tune immediately. And as soon as he heard Kojeezys reaction, he was even more angry.
"I love it! The melody is so catchy and nice! This will be a hit...once you add some lyrics of course!" Kojeezy said.
"Um excuse me! But I need to talk to Tori outside. Now!" Andre said angrily,
"Yeah yeah sure whatever." Kojeezy said as he turned away and talked to his assistant.
"I don't need to talk to anyone. Especially not you of all people!" Tori said rudely.
"Um, yeah I think you do need to!" Andre said back. And he walked towards the stage, threw Tori over his shoulder and stormed out of the room, with Tori kicking and screaming at him.
He didn't stop until they got to the Blackbox Theatre. And when they got there, he placed her over his lap in a chair and started to spank her bottom.
"AAAHHH WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" Tori started to scream.
"You stole my song and took credit for it. You are getting a good old fashioned spanking. You deserve it." Andre said as he continued to spank her bottom hard and fast.
"Stop it right now! Beck! Jade! Anyone! Come in here and help me!" Tori tried to scream but no one was around.
"Don't fight it." Andre said real chill as he spanked away at her red bottom.
After about 5 more minutes of spanking and screaming, he picked her up off his lap and talked to her.
"You stole me song!" Andre said.
"You spanked me!" Tori said back.
"You deserved it. I will spank you whenever i need to."
" sorry. im gonna go tell Kojeezy that you deserve some credit too." Tori said guiltily.
"Thanks girl. I'm sorry about spanking you but yeah." Andre said nicely.
"It's okay! Let's go now!" Tori said as they started to walk out, with her grabbing her bottom and rubbing it.
As they walked through the doors, Andrew purposely spanked her bottom really hard as a joke.
"OWWW!" Tori screamed.
"hahaha just for any future problems."Andre said back smiling.
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Aug 5, 2013