Sunset And Love

I knelt beside the ocean peering out into the expanse of prismatic reflection.  It shimmered and danced across the water like beautiful tropical fish in the ocean’s depth.  I watched the tide corrode away the sand around me as it washed away my sin.

I picked up shells left after the tide and threw them back like a sacrifice to the glistening light.  

Happiness surrounded me there and I sprang to my feet, running with youthful speed until I reached the old gray hammock swinging in the evening breeze. I lay down and from me escaped a contented sigh.  It was then I noticed the joyful sun going to rest like a sleepy child that has played his best. I watched as it settles into the ocean’s blue, leaving behind it the most beautiful hues. 

It was in these moments I thought of you and how you had been in it. How the ocean’s depth made me think of looking deeply into your eyes.  How its power is similar to your love as it washes over me.  How everything I do has become a reflection of you. How the sun’s warmth reminded me of the warmth of your embrace, and how you have colored my world with so many new colors.  

I have never felt love so sweet, so deep, so colorful, so powerful, so demanding, or so fulfilling.  It is like being in an alternate realm where there is no longer fear, pain, or worry.  Thank you for loving me beyond the limitations I set in fear. Thank you for loving me more than I can sometimes understand. I love you too.


fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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7 Responses Feb 28, 2010


What a sweet post! I love you too, FG. ;)

lol, I don't think you can take either position... God or cupid,<br />
but...<br />
with a little practise you may become damn good with THUNDERING and the bow &arrow!<br />
<br />
Meanwhile... your interest in perky stories we do all hope does continue!<br />
<br />
<br />

It is easy describe it Faucon when you have to firsthand. I was so mad at a certain person for how he handled things but now I know he blessed me with that or I never would have what I have today. I am in a very good place.<br />
<br />
Yes, I am going to take over as cupid. I don't want to be a God, I just want to bring people loving feelings in their heart.

...are you that EVIL GENIUS mushy TAKE OVER specialist?<br />
<br />

Awww thanks mewold. I just wear my heart on my sleeve. I think you are a romantic too. You just don't want to lose that cool reputation lol.

fungirlmmm, you really are such a romantic. That is nice.