Sometimes I Can't Help It

A lot of times when I'm in class and I don't feel like talking to people or I don't feel like paying attention to what the teacher has to say I always seem to find myself staring at people. First, I'll look over their outfit, then their hair, then I look at what they're doing; like if they're tapping their foot or playing with their hair and I just watch them until I get the sense back to stop staring or until they notice I'm staring which is kinda awkward. It's not that I stare at people I like or anything it's just the first person who grabs my attention. I just kinda analyze them I suppose. It's not just at school though, school's just usually the place where I do it most, but it happens at the store or the library or in a waiting room.I don't know if that technically counts as watching the worl go by but it's just this random thing that I do.

nonsensical28 nonsensical28
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1 Response Apr 17, 2007

I understand what you mean. My favorite people watching spot is the local Wal-Mart parking lot! Interresting stuff! lol.