People Watcher

I love to watch people. All shapes and sizes. My husband was always telling me to quit staring, but I wasn't, I was just watching. People interest me.
dreamofme dreamofme
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2007

me too

I found this interresting. I'm notorious for sitting in the Wal-Mart parking lot watching the people around me, while my hubby shops.( He goes to the hunting/sports dept. so I can be sitting for... HOURS!!) You can see and hear some very INTERESTING things while people watching in the parkinglot!! One time I heard a middle-aged couple fighting about some stuff the husband caught his wife stealing in the store moments before!! He was p.o.ed at her. She had the audacity to tell him if he'd give her money, she wouldn't have to steal!! The thing is, she came out carrying several bags, as well as he, they were both dressed VERY well, rode in a King-cab pick-up, and she didn't appear to be lacking money funds on herself! I was shocked and humorously amused at the same time!!!