Enjoy It When Wife Flirts

Well first I like to say  Im like most men, wether they admit it or not and I enjoy seeing my wife flirt with other men. There have been a number of experences which I will share that have made aroused when watching or hearing a story.

The first time was during our first trip to Hedo II in Jamaica. Plenty of nakid men there but this one well fit and well endowed black guy really caught my wifes attention. While in the hot tub I told him that my wife found him really HOT at which time he did not wait to start flirting with my wife. My wife and he took a seat to the side as I went to get drinks for both, I was already aroused seeing this, went to get drinks, came back and seeing them contiune to chat. Nothing more happened and my wife later told me one thing which turned her off was he said "well you can suck my ****"....and she admitted that her thought was what do I get out of it....well his loss.

At hedo my wife like to get a spot on the beach early, and I have to admit I always hope that when I go to get her for breakfast that I see her chatting/flirting with a guy. Well this past yr once when I went to get her there was this guy talking with her.....and I couldnt help notice his VERY LARGE ****....my mind was thinking how nice it would be seeing her making him hard...as we walked to breakfast I told my wife how aroused I was seeing him there with her...she told me about how he had a semi when he first walked up to her!!

I also get turned on hearing about gusy flirting with her. When she went for her class reunion (I didnt go) she told me about this one friend (guy) who she went to his cabin with.....and how he was flirting with her....I loved hearing this....he was open to sex but she told him no..and yes even told him she would tell her hubby this but that it was OK....what a TURN ON
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May 6, 2012