WIFES Flirting Turns Me On.

My Wife and I go out for a social evening for the sole purpose to watch my wife flirting with other guys. Its so powerful and a real turn on to imagine her actually screwing another guy but with a built in safety factor that we both agree that it never gos beyond flirting. This is a freedom that she has to really let herself go and enjoy the attention that all women love. She dresses real sexy in a very skimmy mini which barely covers her knickers. She loves the attention and so do i watching others guys getting hard at the way she shows of her nice thighs and very small underwear. I usually leave her on her own for a while in a bar or somewhere there are plenty of guys and let her do her stuff. Guys usually find some excuss to strike up a conversation with her, and if i get a chance i love watching them from a distance. She gets really turned on and all the attention and when we get together later our sex is explosive. Another way we do it is to have her go to the bar for our drinks so guys can see her walking across the floor showing off her curves and gorgeous legs and showing plenty of it. I know she loves it and its safe. I fantasize about her being screwed in a group session with maybe two or more guys as i know its her greatest fantasy also. Maybe some day we just might get round to it. For now we love the flirting because every time is different and with different men. John....
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We do the exact same thing!!!

can i join in? chrispowski@gmail.com

Me and the wife love to do the same. She love to Dance and I love to watch as guys come up to her and take her out to the dance floor. The best part to watch is as the guy starts to touch her ***.<br />
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Tha best

That's a hot fantasy for me too. We've had ********** but funnily enough they're a bit too safe now because they're with a good friend of ours. But her picking up a hunk at a party. ..maybe best as a fantasy only.