Flirting Wife

I love it when my wife flirts with other men. In recent times she has been out with a guy for coffee and he has since visited her at her work. They have talked about his sex life from a past relationship and this really turned me on to know my wife was sitting having a coffe with another man talking about sex. I find whenever we are out she will easily strike up a conversation with another guy and I get a hard on immediately. She will soon be doing some hostess work and she has bought a new sexy top and will wear her very tight skirt. The thought of her being oggled and actually waiting on a room full of men makes my head spin. Once we went out for dinner and she spoke to a soldier for about 20minutes and kept me waiting. It was hot for me because she was wearing a very tight skirt and the soldier must have thought he had won lotto. When we go on holidays my wife always talks to the varios shop assistants. Once she was talking to a guy who was holding a wooden penis bottle opener in his hand and was stroking it. Just after that and in full sight of the guy my wife decided to try on some dresses from a nearby stall. In full view of that guy and a few others my wife slipped off her dress and walked around the shop in just her knickers and a top. The shop assistant girl held up some material to hide my wife and I was most disappointed as both my wife, myself and a handful of guys were enjoying the flirty show.

jlfkmw jlfkmw
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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

Love The story. I can definitely relate to the excitement, although my wife does not like it or get it.