I Wish to Watch My Wife Having Sex With Some Other Guy

Hi to everyone who will read this. I know there are many men in the world who share the same fantasy that I have, that is to watch his wife having sex with another guy. I would be happy if some of you who have had that experience could share a bit of it about how to proceed and make the experience a success. Or if any women had that wonderful experience, please share.

Because my problem is my wife is a bit reluctant. She is interested in the idea and is excited when I whisper erotic stories (another man having sex with her) in her ear while I make love to her. She comes violently when I do that!(her body shakes in spasms) But she is very much afraid of what could happen if we actually made that fantasy a reality.

She is afraid of falling in love with the guy and ruining our marriage. We have two kids and that of course would be very bad. She is also reluctant because that would be a big sin to do. We are very much in love with each other and it would be sad if a fantasy could ruin everything we have.

Nevertherless, the idea never left my mind over the years. We have been married for 11 years now and that fantasy came in the very early stages of our relationship and I spoke it out to her but till now she never gave in to that fantasy ever though it greatly turns her on.

Any help or advice would be most welcomed.

erstejak erstejak
Mar 26, 2009