Wetting In The Car

I have had my car peed in by my wife and we were still about two hours from where we were going. I drove most of the two hours with fingers between her legs. But that was what started it in the first place me playing with her. I guess she must have had a big O as all of a sudden she said O **** and my hand was getting peed on. I don`t know how many time she squired that night and did`t care but the car sure had to be aired out. We checked in where we were staying. Lucky they give you a combination for late check in and we did not have to see any one. When we woke up that next evening and went out to the car sitting in the Florida sun and open the car you could tell how much fun we had had. It took a while to get the smell of pee and sex out of it. But every time I would get in it I would get a hard thinking about that night. 

Before that I had a girl friend that would pee quite often when you would play with her or even kiss her some times. My wife now is like that to a point but not in to pee sex like I am. I am all ways on the look out for a women with a wet spot.

beachboy2 beachboy2
61-65, M
Feb 12, 2010