First Time I Saw A Girl Pee

I was about 10 i think and me and my best friend were playing at the playground.We both went inside for a drink. We both drunk a whole bottle of water and brought one outside with us. Whe started swinging on the swings and going down the slide. She finally said she had to pee and i said i had to also. She asked if you wanted to have a contest to see who ould hold it longer. About an hour later we were in the woods so no one saw us hopping and grabing ourselves to keep it in. (This girl was like my best friend and she was sort of a tomboy.) We both wanted to see what gender could hold it longer. I had an advantage though because i had a sister who spent an hour in the bathroom in the morning. I admit i had to go pretty bad to her. she lifted her shirt but not high enough so i could see her boobs. I saw her bladder and it was bulging i pulled my shirt off and also saw my bladder the same way.

She asked me when i go can she watch me go and i said you have to go first. So she took off her pants and she said watch as she did something with her pants. A puddle grew and a small stream fell down the hill we were on.

'Ahh that feels good.' she said to me as it started to slow down.

I saw it and i reached for it and she didn't mind. It was soft.Watching her pee was making me worse. And when she was done i pulled down my pants.

'Can i touch it.' She said. I said yes and she grabbed my **** and started just shaking it which was not easy to hold my pee in as spurt came out and she let me go. I aimed the stream at a tree as she watched. Her face was really close to the stream and she said she could feel the warmed on her face. It was kinda in the fall so steam started comming of the ground and it started getting an erection because her cold hands.'What is happening did i do something.' I lauphed at her and i said its because your hand where cold.I gave it a shake and put my pants back on. 'Why did you shake it.' she said as she tryed to grab it before i zipped up my pants. 'So i can get the left over drops out.'

'Ok thought you just like playing with it.'

We are still friends to this date and we did that same thing a few more time over the years.

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7 Responses Oct 12, 2009

good story. interesting to read

like to read those few things she did also....thx 4 sharing...

very kool story

Great story.<br />
Wish I had one like that to tell.....

me i never watch a women pee maybe some day ill see it sure like to lol

i know, right? i wish i did.

God damn... that sounds like a lot of fun... i wish i had an experience like that when i was young :)