Times Change

I have always enjoyed watching girls smoking and when I was a teenager(back in the day) some of my most sexy experiences were with a smoking girlfriend.
My own smoking started when the (very attractive) mother of a good friend of mine sat me next to her, put her arm round me and said "its time you started"
She then held her cigarette to my lips and very gently and lovingly got me through my first wonderfull inhale.
Soon I was helping myself from her handbag and lets just say a good time was had by all. I have always loved the mixture of strong perfume and cigarette smoke.
From then on I started to have regular girlfriends and although I was still at school smoking together was quite the normal. It was a status thing for a girl who had just started smoking to hold her purse/handbag in one hand and her cigaretts and lighter in the other.
Melbayy Melbayy
Aug 14, 2010