My Wife Is A Sexy Blouse Wearing Vs 120's Smoker.

When I first starting dating my wife (in 2001)she was a Marlboro Lights
kings smoker who had a not so sexy smoking style. When I told her
that I found women who smoke to be sexy she asked me "Do I smoke
sexy?" To this I replied "not really" (she had a tendency to hold her cigarette too deep in her fingers. Once she started holding her cigarettes closer to her fingertips it made an enormous difference.I also got her to start smoking VS120's by saying how much sexier a long cigarette looks when a woman smokes them. Her smoking style became remarkable! This was the first step. I also have a thing for women who wear button down blouses (like the kind the women newsreaders wear satin and silk) so it was
necessary to add blouses to her wardrobe because of her busty physique she always wore pullovers. Over time I bought her many
button down blouses for her which she looks fantastic in (she now has over 100). When we bought a digital camera that could shoot movies I shot one of her smoking while she was wearing a blue silk satin Bob Mackie button down blouse. It was a short movie she only took three drags. That got the ball really rolling. When she saw herself wearing smoker
dressed in that blouse and smoking her 120's she realized how sexy she
looked just by dressing up and smoking a cigarette she took the ball and ran with it. She knows she has my undivided attention when she wears her blouses and smokes. Our love life was always great but this added a new dimension to our foreplay and eventually graduated into "smoking sex" where she leaves her blouses on. My wife does not smoke at all during the day at work and she would never light a cigarette unless she is wearing one of her sexy button downs. She knows her smoking is now super sexy and only has a cigarette when she knows I will be there to watch her smoke it.It is not uncommon for her to smoke more than one cigarette during our lovemaking sessions. Women who start smoking should keep this in mind. For the men that want a hot smoker honesty is always the best policy.
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I would love to be a human ashtray for a group of around 8 women or more. Iv been an ashtray for a smoking women before but the thought of all those women sitting round me blowing there smoke over me and flicking there ash in my mouth sends me wild! Then when the finish there cigarettes they all put them out in my mouth at the same time so I have a big pile there ready to eat. Then a few mins later they all light up more cigarettes and using me as an ashtray again. I would like this to go on for a good 5-6 hours maybe at a house party where all the women in the house who are smoking can just come over and stub there cigarette out in my mouth whenever they want and they also make sure I eat every last doubt

I hope your wife still smokes for you. Yes, we older guys love to watch woman smoke! Makes us feel young again.

women who smoke and wear leather and heels are sexy and I want a dominant woman who smokes

Yes I did a very similar thing too. Got her to smoke Superkings and into wearing Satin, Leather, PVC or Rubber outfits at the same time as wearing long boots. Boy do we have fun at weekends taking photos and having bedroom fun times! Some pics have been posted on the web and on a newsgroup too for others to enjoy her sexyness. It's great when we go out in public and she gets noticed a lot for smoking whilst wearing a sexy outfit!

@ pyrolover. Too bad you are no longer married to your smoking wife. That is a tough act to follow. I hope you have pics and videos to remember her by.

Your story is somewhat similar to mine I too helped to develop my now ex-wifes style and brand of cigarettes she smoked she had indulged me in smoking sex of all types!

very nice situation