My Wildest Sexual Experience Behind Virginia Slims 120's

It started around june 1997. Me and my girlfriend (ex, now) was in the bedroom watching TV and out of the blue she asked me "what was my fetish or wildest fantasy?" I was reluctant to tell her for fear of being embarrassed, I didn't say anything at first. But you know, women can be very persistent, so eventually I told that I like women who wear red lipstick and smoke virginia slims 120's, wearing red lengerie. She asked me why and I told her it would make me more horney and more sexually active. She said "oh, ok," and that's was it. Then a week later, I had the biggest surprise of my life. That saturday night, we were in bed again watching TV and she said I would be right back. She went in the bathroom and was in there for a good minute (15 minutes) then I started to smell cigarette smoke and I was like 'what the hell is going on?' She came in the room looking GLAMEROUS at that that with a virginia slims cigarette in one hand and thte pack in the other hand, with the juciest red lipstick on! You talking about "instant viagra!!" Then she came to me and put my hand in her crouch and it was very hot and wet and told me "I'm going to make your fantasy come true." She took 3 puffs and started rubbing my penis in a sensual way. Then she gave me the cigarette and I took 3-4 puffs and came all over myself. That's how hot she was. She started laughing at me and said don't worried about it, I know you like it. She wiped me clean the gave the best, oral job that I ever had! She went beyond what I expected from her. When we both finish the cigarette we made very passionate love,unlike anything I ever experienced! Then when we both finished, what do you think we did next?  We BOTH smoke a cigarette, she had one and I had one. That night I would never, ever forget!! It's a shame we broke up in 2008, but she did made my fantasy come true. So do I think smoking and sex be glamerous? From my experience, YES!! I thought I was weird for feeling this way, but this website tells me different. I hope one day I would meet somebody that would fullfilled my fantasy (or fetish) I would say this, It was worth it. I LOVE IT! I have a virginia slims on the weekend (3) and **********. I hate it at times but the memories of that june night in 1997  in still in my head.               

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I would love to be a human ashtray for a group of around 8 women or more. Iv been an ashtray for a smoking women before but the thought of all those women sitting round me blowing there smoke over me and flicking there ash in my mouth sends me wild! Then when the finish there cigarettes they all put them out in my mouth at the same time so I have a big pile there ready to eat. Then a few mins later they all light up more cigarettes and using me as an ashtray again. I would like this to go on for a good 5-6 hours maybe at a house party where all the women in the house who are smoking can just come over and stub there cigarette out in my mouth whenever they want and they also make sure I eat every last doubt

This is so hot....same fantasy for me!

very hot story. I share your fetish fantasy. I am very fortunate to have a hot looking wife that smokes especially during sex. Smoke blow jobs, smokey kisses. I love it when she sits on me during sex and smokes which is very natural for her. She is very much into it.
Huge part of our playtime. We do a bit of BDSM as well...

thats a VERY hot story! thanks for sharing! ive been known to smoke a few 120s myself....find me on if u want some inexpensive video clips of ME smoking 120s :)