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What Makes Smoking (girls/women) Look Glamorous:

This is a question which is not easy to answer. Is it the way she smokes, holds her cigarette, takes her drags, inhales and exhales, far beyond the unsatisfactory standard drag and exhale that most female smokers apply. A female smoker who knows how to smoke can look very glamorous and sexy, especially when she can do some nice smoking tricks.

Maybe another reason why smoking can be glamorous, is the fact that smoking nowadays is "wrong". Doing the wrong thing can be very exciting. It´s a known fact that smoking girls/women attract men. I think just because of the fact that they do the wrong thing, showing that they are independent: they know what they want and make their own decisions no matter what others think.
worthington worthington 51-55, M 6 Responses May 27, 2008

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Every movement that a girl makes while she smokes is feminine in nature. Whether she is pursing her lips to blow, the way she holds her hands, or whether she looks like she's kissing when she puffs. Every single movement is extremely feminine, and for guys, it's about those movements. It's baring their neck, when the exhale, so they don't blow smoke on others, the way she extends her fingers, etc, etc. If a girl does it right, a guy can't take their eyes off the girl. It's like a ballet.

AMEN Brother! They are Damn HOT!

For me it tells me the lady knows what she's doing, is confident and I bet most know exactly what it does to some men out there. I think with smoking being so stigmatized in the media that many women get ashamed about smoking so they hide it, becoming closet smokers or worse be shamed into quitting. Ladies TRUST me many men including many non smoking me just love the look and what it does to them.

Glamorous, sophisticated, business women who smoke cigarettes and cigars with powerful but feminine grace, style, panache and attitude. <br />
<br />
Dana Delaney and Joan Severance (Last Seduction 1& 2) are prime examples. Countless other movies too.<br />
<br />
I've also got a bit of a thing about the aforementioned (and any attractive girl) smoking in front of her parents/family. It's that taboo thing I guess, she has the "ba**s" to, she's making a bold statement.<br />
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For us much olders I believe the television smoking ads<br />
emphisizing male and female intimacy while smoking. Also the Julie London Marlboro ad one can still find on the net strongly pushed sexy smoking.<br />
<br />
I agree it is the manner in which a lady smokes which is the turn on. Holding in a snap inhale for seconds followed by a smooth exhale is a big trigger for me.

The mystic of old Hollywood entrenched in our Psyche.