How a Indian Wife Smoked For Her Husband!

I married in March,2008 which was still having mild atmoshphere rather than hot summer.

I was meeting my wife before marriage for 4 months during weekends

so i already have some understanding

after marriage we were at her grand father's house

i lighted a vanilla flavored cigar and she did not objected me for was first time i lit my cigar before her.this is after 4 days after marriage.

she was in bridal dress.i kept the cigar in her mouth and asked her to take a drag.she has a little discomfort for the first puff. then she slowly draged couple of times.

next i ****** her and took a cigar puff like that i made sex on that day

it was really a nice experience to have this smoking with wife as indian women are shy to smoke before their husbands

after that we never smoked and probably smoke a flavored cigar joitly when a right occasion comes

i am a non smoker and i just have a cigar with my wife for fun purpose

i hope you also ask your wife to smoke for you

goood luck


ravalipriya1 ravalipriya1
1 Response Feb 24, 2009

hi also enjoy smoking with my's fun