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Trough Urinals

I like it when public places have trough urinals so that you can take a pee and there is no way to hide, and no fear that someone will accuse you of "peaking" because you can freely see everyone while they stand there and pee.

These urinals used to be pretty prevalent in old stadiums. One time, I went into the mens room during halftime of a game with some buddies and there was this great big ceramic trough in the middle of the room with water running through it. It felt great relieving yourself along with all of the other guys next to you. You could even see the guys on the opposite side while they were peeing fully from the front.
unshodone unshodone 46-50, M 8 Responses Aug 16, 2012

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i would love to see a woman walk up to one of those and just let it fly

All those dings peeing at the same time into the same trough is hot. Mine ends up sticking straight out by the time I finish.


There is a public mens room at the beach a few miles up the road. This one has a 6' steel trough urinal instead of the typical single urinals that almost every City of San Diego public mens rooms feature. I stood at the far end and turned slightly toward the entrance so anyone else who entered would see me p1ssing as soon as they came in.

The trough had a flat bottom with no water. When I initially released the urine stream, It made contact with the back wall of the trough and hardly made any noise. I redirected the flow to the flat bottom of the trough. It sounded really cool! Steel amplifies the sound; porcelain is quiet. I watched the stream flow toward the drain in the center of the trough and was having fun with the process. A middle age guy came in and walked up to the other end of the trough. He took out his d1ck and fired right away at the back wall of the trough. His stream had more force than mine. I felt no shame, and watched him pee the entire time. He didn't seem to care that I was facing him and watching him pee; he looked straight ahead and did his business. He finished way before me.

When I'm at the end of my pee, the stream slows way down and finally turns into a series of fast drops. I almost laughed from the sound of the drops hitting the steel trough. I've learned to wait until all of the drops stop before I put my d1ck away. Don't want wet boxers!!

The following day, I went back to this bathroom and took a video of me peeing into the trough. I crack up every time I watch it!

What type of other penis sightings have you observed at the trough? My wife will be waiting to read your observations. I have not had any good "material" to share with her lately and she is going thru withdrawl (I may have to start making sightings up). I'm like you when my pee stream ends it just drips out. I have noticed this more as I age. I have to be careful if I wear light colored pants or shorts to get all the pee out of my tool before I put It away so no drops bleed thru to my clothing.. I sometimes take a small piece of paper towel from the restroom with me to the urinal to wipe and milk everything out of my glans before I replace my foreskin cover back on.

She can't wait, more the merrier!! When you get a chance read our other stories, especially the "Hotel Spa", "Resort Massage" and "***** Friend".. She said she would like to come with you to the gym to see for herself all of the penis sightings. Be sure give her all the details and she will be good and horny for me (I can't wait either). Have a good workout.

Check out my story "Urinating with a swollen prostate", I think you will enjoy LOL!! My wife wants to know of any penis ******* sightings that you might like to tell her about, more detailed to better.

Ouch! I'll bet that the story "Urinating with a swollen prostate" will be painful.

I'm heading for the gym and will think of any memorable sightings that I've experienced to share with your wife while I'm working out. There are so many that I'd have to really think about which ones are worth sharing.

Sounds like you are more into peeing action while my wife and I are more into spying a ******* penis. What sights have you seen that stand out?

I too like the urinal troughs because I'm curious about other mens tools. I'm not gay and I'm happily married and straight, but I like to look at penises. I like to see what their wives or girlfriends get to see and play with. Boy do you get a eyefull at these types of urinals. Everyone pees a little differently and has their own style and technique. Some hide, some show off and some don't care. The major state university in our town has these type of trough urinals and when my wife and I attend some of the games I get some visuals I don't soon forget and report these penis sightings to my wife. She likes for me to pick out the guys in the crowd that I have seen at the trough and then describe their tools to her. We both get really horny and can't wait to get home for fun and a good release. Last year at one of the big games there was a huge crowd and the troughs were full. You were literally elbow to elbow peeing. I have few standouts in my head, the guy with the pale pale white tool that looked semi hard that did not even pee. He just stood there with his cut tool exposed and left it there for awhile then left. Or the show-off guy that starts unbuckling and pulling down and unzipping a foot away from the urinal and flops everything out including his ball sac to pee. Then he gets on his cell phone and freehands his package for all to see.He is another one that will stand until the last drop comes out and then waits longer. If you have foreskin some men like to display their natural tool, especially if they have a long foreskin and can whip it around like having a tube attached to their glans. My foreskin is not that long so sorry no show. There are also the uncut men that have to retract and replace their foreskin back and forth over their glans for minutes on end. They like to show off their extra skin and their shiny colored glans head. What experiences or penis sightings have you seen? My wife and I would like to hear all about it.

For me, it is something I think I prefer to do with friends. It's a male bonding thing. I don't think I could feel I really know a guy until I've taken a **** next to him. Guys don't normally go to the bathroom together, but when you are out at a bar (pub) or in a crowd, it is better to go together so you don't get separated. Most bars have the urinals close together so you are right next to your buddy when he takes a ****. You can easily see and hear his *******. Even better is doing it outside. Camping, hiking, sports or other outdoor events are great for taking an outdoor **** with your buddies! I remember a boating contest with a men's club I belonged to. When we got to shore, you could hear guys saying things like, "where's a good ****** tree?" or "man, I gotta **** right now!" meaning that there was no way they were going to wait to find the facilities. When you think about it, indoor plumbing has only been around for just a short part of history. Guys should be used to ******* outdoors around other guys!

I feel you! I like to p1ss with my buddies, too. It is a male bonding thing! I went to a post game football party on Sunday. We hung out at the picnic table in the back yard. When guys needed to pee, they got up from the table and peed right there in front of the other guys and the 2 gals. I loved it! I took the opportunity to relieve myself twice. By the end of the night, all the guys had peed in front of the group at least once. It was fun!