I Like To Be Watched While Having Sex

  I like to be watched while I'm having sex. In public or at home, it doesn't matter. I never hesitate to do anything just because I'm being watched. And I never fake it either.
  I've found that there are 2 types of watchers - the sit-in-the-room watchers and the "peeping Toms". My ex-husband enjoyed it too and he invited a number of sit-and-watchers> I don't know if he approached then or if they approached him. But once in a while they would be there. I'd forget they were there once we got started but I would hear comments like "Why didn't we think of that!", "I want to try that",  or "MY God, look at her!".
  I prefer the peeping-toms (pt). They're the ones who are really horny, go out of their way to watch, and probably appreciate it more.Some I'm sure I never found out about, some I've seen out of the corner of my eye, some I've seen watching with binoculars and some just happupon me.I've been photoed, videoed, even just my vioce recorded. I know this cuz every once in while I'll receive one of these in the mail- always with a thank you note!!!  And ket me tell you something guys - about 40% of the pts I'm aware of were women!!!!! So guys next time your significant other makes some nasty comment about your **** collection just smile and say yed deay cuz she may be one of the 40%.
  I'll be glad to be more specific about anything - just contact me.  Hope to hear from you!!!
karenwetandwild karenwetandwild
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7 Responses Jul 23, 2010

I enjoy being watched as well. I could write some interesting stories about my adventures.

nice.. watching and being watched is celebrated here ;)
by both sex's. Blindfolded and listening is a turn on also. Listening to my wife and her girlfriend is incredible.
thanks for the thoughts Karen.

We liked having an audience, also, and the PT was our favorite. We did set it up to have an audience and acted as if it was an accident. Would love to exchange Experiences with you....if you are interested.

Being watched is a HUGE turn on for me. I'd love to find a group that wants people to have sex while they watch....

Hi Karen, the invitation to join me on cam is still open. I really would love to watch you play. *** and have fun with me

I was giving head in a garden a while ago, and just as i slid the **** into my *** i looked up and saw a man at his window wanking like crazy. I just wish he came down and joined in.

Oh I know how that feels, I love to watch and be watched. I have seen men ********** (they do it a drop of a hat (well drop of their pants) but I want to see a woman play for me... any takers xxx