MY Wet Nappy

Hello, my name is Pipi and I love to wet my knickers but this is not always practical so my partner puts me in pull ups.

We went away this weekend in our convertible with leather interior (perfect). We had lunch and a couple of pints and then started the scenic drive back home. I needed a wee pretty soon after we set off and i knew I had to go soon. we stopped beside the road but it was busy with cyclists and traffic so I couldn,t  go. I had to have my pull ups put on under my little skirt...

Once i was in my nappy I felt much more relaxed and I am now at the point where I wee without thinking and without my body asking my brain, when I am wearing my nappy.


I immediately filled it with warm wee wee and felt so much better and so relaxed at the feeling of warmth and comfort around my *****. my **** was swelling with the excitement and the naughtiness as we drove.

Mathew checked my nappy and could feel that it was very warm and swollen and that I needed changing pretty quickly. we continued driving to find a place where he could change me without anyone seeing us but we couldn,t find anywhere quiet and I still had more wee in me. I had already had a big wee and filled my nappy but with no control I went again and I felt the warm wee again sooth my **** but I couldn,t stop. I could feel the nappy overflowing but kept quiet for a little longer.

we found a place to stop and parked up. as we got out of the car my little skirt was soaked and the wet showed on the leather seat.

cars were passing by so I ran to the safety of a nearby footpath but my nappy was so heavy it started to slip down. I ran into the wooded area and puled my nappy up before any passing motorists had a sneaky flash of my full nappy...

we walked into the woods a little way and Mathew hugged me and said it was ok. he cleaned me up and felt the urge to wee himself. we found a nearby tree and I led along the trunk which had fallen over. Mathew then unzipped his trousers and peed on my clean dry ****...mmmmm the feeling was amazing!!!

we got too excited and had to make love on the tree but he turned me on so much that I totally lost control and let out a little more wee. once we had finished we noticed that I had left a wet patch on Mathews trousers and we had to be back soon.

Mathew had no other trousers so we drove for a while with the heater on in the car to dry out the naughty wet patch on his trousers.

I love wetting my knickers and nappy and I love sharing the experience with my partner who is equally turned on by my wetness and naughtiness.

No one else knows of our naughty hobbies and secrets!!

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6 Responses May 17, 2009

you are so very lucky to have a mate that loves your wet fun and nappy play thanks for sharing this

nice story, I love the bit where he hugs you as well - sweet

do you poop in your panties and nappys also

you are both very lucky to have each other, it is something very special and personal I am pleased that you have been enjoying yourselves.<br />
<br />
Does your man wear them as well now?

This experience must be so liberating. I wonder if you shouldn't have gotten a spanking for leaking onto the seat ;)

OMG, Mathew is so lucky to have a partner like you. Thats a wonderfull story, and I think that a couple who can find something like that it common so early in their relationship are bound to go a long way together.