Ankle Bracelets

I never used to wear ankle bracelets; maybe a time or two for my ex-husband, but he did not seem to care about anything I wore no matter what it was, or wear we were, so I seldom got dressed up. But the husband I have now, he loves me wearing them, and says it adds a little jewelry; a little glitter down by my feet, which he loves, so it is seldom that I am without one. In fact if you were to grab me, push me down, and roll up my jeans on the days I wear them; yup I would probably have one on.

My husband was so adamant about the last one he bought me, that it took buying a ankle bracelet on line, and two cheap ones in the store to get the combination he was after; which was a triple heart pennant, a little pearl drop and then a gold chain. I think the total cost was $50 dollars, and while not a lot of money, lets face it they are not expensive.

But as much as my husband likes them, I wear them for myself alone. I work hard to keep my legs in shape, and to tug those nylons up when I go to church, or out on dates, and if a guy likes that sort of thing, well I figure adding something glittering down by my feet tells them they are free to look. I am still wed after all, but they can look (I think my husband likes other men looking at me anyway, but that is another who group I bet).
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Im a male and i love the way anklets and toe rings look and i love wearing them too i know its probally weird but if anyone wants to know what anklet and toe rings i wear look like message me

I also love wearing them and femme