I Wear Mesh Gym Shorts With Boxers

The predecessor of today's basketball shorts were mesh gym shorts. They were essentially the same thing, but a little more fitted and much shorter inseams - 4" or 5" at the most.

I've been athletic all of my life and have always worn gym shorts during all but the coolest months of the year. Back in the '80, the ASU school store sold Champion mesh gym shorts with the ASU logo that the basketball players wore. They were made from nylon. The fabric was made with tiny holes for ventilation. I bought a yellow pair and wore them for my running workouts on the ASU track. I wore them with a pair of white briefs, and they were very lightweight and comfortable compared to heavier cotton gym shorts that would get increasingly heavier from sweating while I ran. The movement of running would make the holes of the mesh fabric line up, and my briefs became visible with each step as I did my workout at the track. It didn't concern me as I was dressed in athletic clothes for an athletic purpose.

In the late '80s, I moved to San Diego and continued college at San Diego State. The school store sold many different types of gym shorts, and I found a pair of red mesh gym shorts with the SDSU logo on the leg. I liked the nylon mesh gym shorts better than cotton. They had a lighter feel and were very comfortable. I bought a few more pair in different colors and liked to wear them to school on warm days as well as for sports.

Fast forward to the mid 2000s. I was in the gym getting started with my workout. A good looking young, lean guy walked into the room. He was wearing a pair of white Nike Bball shorts. Right away, I also saw that he was wearing a pair of white boxers with bold black stripes under his gym shorts. The white mesh fabric was somewhat transparent, and you could see every detail of his boxers as if he wasn't wearing gym shorts at all. Traditionally, all guys wore jock straps or briefs for sports. The boxer fad of the '90s had apparently found its way into the gym. In most circumstances, boxers with gym clothes would have been nerdy, but this guy was so good looking and fit, that it worked for him and he looked incredibly sexy.

As we both progressed through our workouts, I couldn't help notice the guy as he walked around from one station to the next. Boxers offer zero support, and the outline of his pen1s was visible pointing down and to the right. The outline of his d1ck head revealed his circumcision status as cut. I laughed to myself thinking "Does he have any idea how much of himself he is showing?" When he did the bench press, I almost lost it. Resting gently across the top of his right thigh was his 4" softie. Damn! He looked so hot that I wanted to jump his bones right on the spot. I was so revved up that I had an amazing workout. My head was spinning when I left the gym.

When I returned home, I looked in my drawer and found my old yellow ASU mesh shorts. I also found a few token pair of boxers that I never wore. I took off my running shoes, removed my gym shorts and briefs, and slid on the mesh shorts with a pair of boxers. Not being used to not having any support, I popped a b0ner right away. I checked myself out in the mirror and laughed at how easy it was to spot my goods. I wanted to calm down and see how the shorts would look when I wasn't aroused. A few minutes later, I went back to the mirror to take a look. There was no mistaking the detail on the right side of my shorts. Unlike when I wore briefs that showed an undefined lump in the front center of my gym shorts, boxer allowed me to hang freely. I quickly discovered that it felt better to point down to the right instead of to the left. I liked how I could see the details of the shaft and the head through the mesh fabric. I stayed dressed in my gym shorts and boxers while I did my Saturday chores. My d1ck altered between being limp to raging hard for hours while I did housework. When I finally took some time out for relief, I had an explosive 0rgasm. I was going to have some fun with this!

I must have purchased 20 pair of gym shorts in the months that followed, and probably about 30 pair of boxers. I made the transition from briefs to boxers over a 4 week period and wore boxers exclusively from then on with all my pants and shorts. During the transition, there were several times that I boned up in public from feeling my pen1s swinging as I walked. The rubbing of the fabric back and forth over the ridge of the head was too much to not react. There were a few times that I had to stop walking and calm down before I could continue. There were other times where I didn't care and kept walking as the right side of my gym shorts sported an obvious tent. I got off on it when people stared at my junk. By week 4, the constant boners subsided and I had adjusted to wearing boxers. The combination of boxers with Bball shorts was the most comfortable thing to wear other than being naked. It was my default dress whenever I wasn't at work.

I workout at the gym and run with mesh gym shorts and boxers all the time. There are quite a few other guys at the gym that wear boxers with their gym shorts, although the majority seems to favor boxerbriefs or compression shorts. Since switching to boxers, I've tried to wear briefs, boxerbriefs, and compression shorts with my Bball shorts, but I just can no longer deal with the snug fit. Loose and free works for me!

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wow, similar story to mine. I get aroused and I don't know why. I kind of hate it.