Cant Get Over With This Dream

first i was inside the jeepney writing something about the things to buy at the market for my kids, then a call from someone i don't remember told me that my children was caught in a vehicle accident, next thing i knew . i was already outside the operating room of a hospital waiting for the doctors news about my children's condition, he told me that my eldest daughter might not make it. but the youngest will have a chance to survive, then i started crying and screaming, asking the doctor to do anything for my children to survive, specially the eldest one who has the unstable condition. i keep on crying and screaming begging the doctor that there might be some other way for her to survive, i'm in deep pain and i couldn't control myself from breaking down. then while crying i read the status report the doctor handed to me. it says that my youngest daughter's condition is stable but needs further observation. and there were lots of combining numbers at the report. then my attention drew to a drawing, a square shape with a small letter or number O at the center of the which the doctor said it symbolizes my youngest daughters head status it describes, but i focus more on the character also that i understand more, then i ask the doctor to give me the status report of my oldest daughter, while he was about to run and open the door to the operating room to get the report,, i woke up..crying, feeling terrible and worried
zahmara zahmara
Apr 21, 2012