Black Is Hot

It all started when i got into heavy metal at the age of 12 (thanks to Gn'R) and i started to wear a lot of black then and i just felt more comfortable, like i was myself if you know what i mean, then i became a goth at about 15 and although the color was the same the style was different, more feminine i guess and i loved my black leather cat suit i had.  I also painted my bedroom black with black furniture and bedding, the works and i loved it.  Now I'm older i still love black clothing, when I'm shopping it's the first thing i ask "do you have this in black", it goes with everything and i like tight clothing so my tight black skinny leg jeans are my absolute fave item of clothing.  I also think that black lingerie is the sexiest and it makes you feel great. 

phoenixdragon88 phoenixdragon88
31-35, F
Feb 9, 2010