They Are Way So Comfy

most my play pants and jeans are full strechy waist like the logo pic. some are only half boxer and some dont got zippers in front. but thats ok with me cause i hate belts and forget to pull up the zippers. bein just 62 pounds all my cloths are kids stuff. and its fun bein cute haha .
Legotoys Legotoys
13-15, M
2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Hey lego! My aunt was at a huge barn sale in Casper and found 2 pair of super cute jeans like the group logo. She said they look like never worn. I bet the boy they were for said no way Im not gona wear those lol. Ok theyre half boxer with shiney rivets on the corners of all 5 pockets and stiched in white thred. Theres a small yellow blue orange and red dozer on 1 of the back pockets and a dump truck on the other. My cousin hates em so of course I want em bad lol. Shes gona bring them tomorrow and visit with mom.

Ben theyre boys waste size 26 and length 24 so just a bit big for me but thats ok. She also said they got padded knees lol.

older kids dont wana have fun they to busy tryin to be cool. i got a few pants with toys on em in places but urs are awsome!

OMG the jeans are way cooler than I even imagined. At 1st it was like I cant wear these outside then think if i just wear a shirt thats not to rad with them it will be ok. The style is little boy all the way. Eat your heart out Ben lol. Just kidding. I tried them on right away and theyre only 1 size to big. My cousin was laffing the whole time. But I got a right to be a kid so I love it lol.

Lego is right they are comfy. I like kids clothes more than teens and most of my jeans got the half boxer waistband. I am still a child lol.

cool wolfboy. i dont like older kid stuff either. no fun haha .