I Have Lots Of Women's Bras

I have about 2 dozen bras -- all from women that I've known.  Funny thing is, most of them wear a 36C, so I ended up buying a pair of silicone 36C fake breasts w/nipples.  It feels so nice squeezing them through a nice satin bra.  Sometimes I'll even sleep with the bra under my nighty.


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4 Responses Feb 22, 2009

I find that mentally I feel good just feeling the strap going around my back. One of my two favorite bras is so tight I can't take a really deep breath so I am constantly reminded I'm wearing a bra. But when I "cop a feel" of my own bra/breast I find that it feels better to my hand then it does to my breast.

Wow! You got me there Barbie - I don't know how that feels The fake boobs still feel nice when I squeeze them. It almost feels like they're mine, but the advantage is I can take them off in the morning and still be a man during the day. Years ago, my hair was so long it was below my waist. When I'd dress up at night, I loved lying in bed in my bra and draping my long locks over my boobs. I'm glad I got pics of that when I did because my hair is shorter now.

No, Barbie, I'm lucky they never found out that I somehow managed to "acquire" their bras! Arrgh! I'd be a hangin' from the gibbet for sure! lol<br />
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Yes, I admit it - I'm also a BRA PIRATE!

You are so lucky that women give your their bras r to wear. I wouldn't need any fillers if I wore a 36C cup bra. I would fill them naturally. Feeling my boobies inside the cups is the best feeling a man could have while wearing a bra.