Dozens Inthe Wardrobe....

 I wear a cute short nightie every evening to bed. I like short ones because they make rolling over easier. Long ones tend to twist as you roll over and they then pull against your bra and boobs. Sometimes I wear an all in one girdle under my nightie and it feels wonderful when the silky nightie rubs over the strong nylon of the girdle!!

jodiebritt jodiebritt
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4 Responses Mar 15, 2009

I fined that midle aged woman these days dont wear loverly nighties.I tried to get my wife to wear them even bought here them often.In the end I decided to wear them she wasent to happy but I wasent going to loose out on the opertunity as I been crossdressing most of my life.You girls are so lucky to have the chose to wear any thing you whant no questions asked.

I also wear an all-in-one but have never worn it to bed. The idea of of a long, silk nightgown over an all-in-one could get me hooked.

mmmm, soft, silky nighties feel so nice to sleep in, so womanizing and soft feeling. I'm sure you feel really feminine when you wake up and realize how you're dressed!

I'm going to wear one to bed tonight!