I Grew Up Always Wearing Cute Nighties

 When i got too big to fit into any of the baby style footed sleepers and baby style nighties.  My Mom started buying me cute princess and harem style silky nighties.  but, lucky for me, as i became a teenager outgrowing them, the "babydoll" style nighties with matching frilly bloomers became the latest thing.  My mom loved seeing me wearing those babydoll style nighties so much, that i still have many of the ones she bought me to wear before she passed away, when i was in my late teens. 

My wife told me, that they're worth a lot more now.  But, as long as i can still fit into them, i'm going to enjoy all the pleasures of wearing them.  Besides,  my wife and our daughter have latched on to a few that no longer fit me, already.

Now, how many of you can relate to going outside wearing your favourite nightie or a frilly sheer layered babydoll?  hmmmm?  i sure do!! lol

Thanks for bringing this experience up! 

AlanisAlicetoo AlanisAlicetoo
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2010

Awesome read.

I lived in the Bahamas in the 80's. The island i lived on was remote and not many people lived there. I loved going the beach and changing into my nightie, usually a sheer la<x>yered long gown. My favorite were Jenel of California. Feeling the wind blowing my nightie around my legs was heaven!! I'd walk for hours down the beach....

I LOVE babydolls and wear them at home but wouldn't have the nerve to wear them in public. But you go girl!