Shopping In Diapers

I went several places today. I wore my usual double diaper combo covered with a pair of infant-print plastic pants. I left a little showing above the waist line of my shorts. This way when I bend over and my shirt rides up there is enough to see so there's no doubt as to what it is. I hoped that someone would see them and make a comment, but no such luck today. I went to the electronics store, book store and grocery. After a few cups of coffee this morning and a diet Coke this afternoon, my diapers were quite soaked by the time I returned home. Oh well, the thrill is over for today, have to go back to work tomorrow. I'll wear the same combo to work, there just won't be any sticking out. Can't wait until tomorrow and another diapered day!

Stay Diapered, it's one of the greatest feelings.
BabyJeremy BabyJeremy
46-50, M
2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

I only need diapers at nite, but sometimes I wear them during the day also. I love going to Wally with a diaper on, and I too let them stick out, however they may. I don't care if people see them :)<br />

hi i am in albuquerque , nm and i wear diapers 24/7 , i dont care if they are showing or not even at work, i have a slight cp and i just do not get to the restroom in time and if they are cleaning the restroom i be totally soaked by the time i get to the next restroom , then i take the inner diaper off and just have one diaper to finish the work day