Diapers At Busch Gardens

hey everyone for those that dont know me im rachel and im a diaper lover i wear diapers 24/7 and that is my story of wearing my diapers to busch gardens!!!

So last week i was at work and my friend amy that i went to school with called me shes in to diapers too and said she was coming in to town for a few weeks and wanted to know if we could get
togather and do something and i was like sure i cant remember the last time i took off of work my friend up here on ep lol aka MOM is always telling me to take some
time to myself so amy said she would be iin town thursday night and said to find something for us to do and i said ok and see you thursday night.well that was monday
and today is wensday and i still have no clue what to do cuz i live in a small town and theres nothing to do of fun here at all and it hit me we should go to busch gardens
i havent been there in a few years so i gave her a call to see if that was cool with her and she said yea. well thursday night got here and amy got in at like 9:30
i ran to her and gave her a big hug i havent seen her in a year she got her things and came inside we sat down a watched so tv and figered out what we were going to
wear tomorrow i asked her if she was going to wear a diaper and she said i dont know are you and i said yea im thinking about it and she said if i do she will so i said
ok i will and she asked me what kind of diaper was i going to wear and i told her i was going to wear my good nites (see im a small girl im only 105lbs so the good nite
l/xl fit me they dont show when im at work) and she was like no way you should try these and pull a bag of bambino bellissimo i was like i dont know about that everyone
will beable to see that we are wear diapers and amy said so no one knows us so who cares so i was like ok sure. so the next morning we got up at like 730 to get ready
i was getting dressed and putting on some blue jeans and she said hey i dare you to where a skirt and i said i bet i will not thinking so she got one of my skirts out a
and i put it on but it was way to short it didnt cover my diaper so i got out my skater skirt and tried that one and it covered it pretty much all the way you couldnt see
my diaper unless you were really looking for it she amy got dressed she wore jeans and we got in the car we had to stop to get some gas cuz busch gardens is like a hour
and a half away so i told amy to get us something to drink so she said ok and i pumped the gas well when she came back to the car she had me and her a big 44oz sweet tea
lol i was like amy what are you tring to do lol well about 45 min into the drive i really had to go pee so i just let it flo and amy just looked over at me and laughed
and said already i was like yea you know sweet tea does it to me and she just laughed more.well we get the park around 9:50 and it opens at 10 so we went to buy our
tickets and went to the bag check so we could get amys bag checked aka her extra diapers lol i wish you could have seen that guys face when he saw the diapers lol
well we went into the shops a little and then went to ride some rollercoasters. after a few hours it was lunch time and me and amy love ribs so we went to the somke
house and we both got the smapler and two large cokes and sat down to eat after that we went to watch some shows to let our food digest before we rode some more rides
well after a few shows it was around 3:30 and i had peed like 4 more times in my diaper and it went from being kind of hidden to being able to see pretty got and people are
starting to stire but o well like amy said no one here knows me so we went and rode so more till dinner time we only had one more ride to ride and then we were going to leave
cuz since it oct it scary at busch gardens they have people that dress up and jump out at you and it really scares me and it starts at 6 so when it was about 5 we went
to get something to eat i got a pizza and some fries and amy got chicken and fries and we both got large drinks after we ate the arg to poop hit me like a ton but it was
passes 6 and i didnt want to change so we were on the way to the last rollercoaster the Verbolten i havent rode it yet its new well it on the other side of the park and
those people are out so i just got close to amy and started walking and everything was going good till out of no where this person jumped down out of the trees and scared
the **** out of me and i mean really the **** out of me i took off running when amy got to me my diaper was full she ask me if i was ok and asked me if i needed to change
my diaper and i said no lets just go to the Verbolten and go home so we were standing in line and i and here people talking about me and stiring at me but i dont care i
just really want to ride this ride so we got to the front of line and we are nexted i sat down in the hard set and the poop in my diaper went everywhere in my diaper all
around my ***** it was so nice and the ride was so cool but i think i need a little more then a diaper change now but amy said she would clean me up when we got home :))
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6 Responses Oct 17, 2012

Sounds a very nice day! :) You are cool when you was able be around of people with poopy diaper and generally with diaper on all day :)

I pooped in my diaper too at once when I was at amusement park.

Thanks for your very nice story! :)

Lol why would you wear a diaper

Sounds like a fun trip

-- I really liked your messy diaper story. It was awesome. Thanks for sharing that.
I used to live 45min. from Bush Gardens in the Tampa bay area. I haven't been there in almost 20 years, but I've been there over 10 times. I bet it has changed alot. I would like to see it again now after reading your story, but wearing a Ballissimo disposable diaper this time, like you ladies did. I wish I was there to have seen you in your thick sagging diaper. I would of been staring too, but in a good positive way, bc I like to see beautiful women in diapers. I wouldn't of had the nerve to ask you if I could change your dirty diaper, but if you would of asked me to change your messy diaper, I wouldn't of hesitated and I would of jumped on the chance to change your dirty diaper right then and there.

From your first story you wrote, just starting out in diapers and now to hear you are wearing them 24/7, wow that's great. Now that you're wearing all the time I guess we can expect alot more stories, I hope. Keep on writing.

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Awesome day! I would have been following you around the whole time ;-)