Diapers And Planes

Today I had a plane trip that was suppose to be several hours, so I decided to wear a pull up and plastic panties. Well as things go these days with planes, the trip lasted almost 12 hours and I was diapered all the time. By the time I got to my motel room, I had wet several times, but didn't leak. Love wetting in the middle of a crowd and no one knows the wiser. Tonight I will also be diapered and hopefully wet in the morning. End of a great day.
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4 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Sounds like fun! Today's scanners show up everything in great detail, so I'm reluctant to expose myself to the TSA :)

You are right you can Wet right into your Diaper and nobody would know!! I was on a 6 Hour Flight and I had my Diaper on it was the best thing I did!! When I got to my Hotel It was Soaked and I enjoyed it for a While longer and Started over and enjoyed my Wet Diapered Night!!

i love to walk around in public with a wet diaper and being able to go whenever i want. . It's so naughty and comfy. . Nobody knows but you. . Or even the fact that they might see a leak turns me on when i am in places where nobody knows me anyway :-). .

Good that you were foresighted enough to wear for your plane trip... I have before, but not everytime I travel. It's really not such a big deal to be prepared for whatever might happen, though.

I also love knowing that I can go when and where I want, with safety. A good absorbent pull up is all it takes to give you that security. Small price to pay.