Did My Depends Underwear Leak? Part 1 Of 2

This story will be about the first time I wore a diaper or more so Depends in public and used them. And I think it was Friday but I have no idea now.

I know that after I finished soiling my Depends in my bedroom and showering. Remember I even entered the shower holding the pissed and **** Depends in my hand. And cleaned it off like I would do with pants or panties that I wanted to keep. I mainly did this to see if it was possible... not to re-use the Depends I knew that was impossible I wanted to know if if I could wash them to keep the smell down if I was going to keep them in my bedroom or an other room until morning to toss them out.

Or if by rare chance I was in the middle of soiling a Depends home by myself and got an unexpected guest. I could clean up in the washroom.

When I was done I put the Depends in a black garbage bag... the single pair of Depends weighed a lot. And when I put them 2-3 of them into a single garbage bag it was heavy already. It was very late and I needed to get to bed. But I also wanted to go out in public the next day and wet myself. Wearing a Depends that is.

So that night I went to the sink and drank some water... waited five minutes since I already needed to pee a little anyhow. And I decided to give it a test run. I would bring the currently used Depends down to the garbage and also go get some juice from a store only a block away. And I would fully wet while doing so. First things first I did pick up and exam and smell the two Depends I peed in... I forget maybe it was just one other either way I used it hours ago and I wanted to smell my urine and the Depends to see what it was like. And it smelled like you would expect but the smell was held inside fairly well. 

I put them in the bag, tied the bag. Went to my diaper stash. If you don't know I only have two types both pull up underwear.  One was a Life Brand with a moderate absorption probably useless to me I might just toss them away.

And I have my Depends which might not have to much future use but I will keep them regardless they have better absorption but still they are not anything to special. I of course decided to put on a pair of Depends. And than I put on my black cargos and got ready to head out into the cold. I did not or anything for a little bit I was only going to out for 10-15 minutes tops but I had time to wait for more urine to become available.

I walked down and tossed my used Depends away! I was thinking I live a kind of interesting life. Going to the bathroom is something everyone does I'm included in a small but not none existent group of people who find new and interesting ways to do there business and well have fun doing so. I wondered if I was the first person to those purposely used Diapers into this exact garbage bin. Probably not! But who knows. I guess even kids that have wetting problems can purposely wet themselves as well sometimes. I had a male kind of friend growing up. More so someone who was just babysat by my mother.  He was like 11-12 years old and he had some accidents and told me he used his diaper in the middle of the night while awake before. I never really got the sense that he did it for erotic reasons and I don't think he did. It was a lazy thing. 

And I had little interest in trying Diapers at that age... well I was kind of interested I was 12-13 years old. So I was curious but I had my pants to use! 

So I guess it's possible that others living in the same condo complex kids, teens or adults purposely used diapers. Probably not for the same reasons as me though! 

Now on the way to the store I did go pee pee in my pants a little. lol  Only tiny squirts... I could not do it while walking I tried to press very hard and I would sooner **** myself by accident before getting my bladder to let go. I almost was able to pee on the move. I have done it naked at home and it's not to easy but easier.

Umm what did it feel like? Well I peed enough that I felt the warm spread out and then vanish with only a trace of dampness and a tiny bit of warm remaining but it was cold out. Every so often while walking I would pause and give it a shot. And I needed to pee at least a little bit every time I tried. I was actually holding back. But it was strange I was like does anyone know what I am doing? A grown adult walking down the street and stopping every minute or so for a couple seconds and then feeling her crotch area and behind her and under her for signs of wetness or leaks? 

I felt no leaks what so ever. I got into the store and walked around grabbed some juice and pretended to look at some bags or paper plates. I let a longer stream go in my pants and kept it going for a couple seconds. It was really warm and it felt like some may have leaked. I had to be extra careful when checking myself. If I looked nervous for example they might think I have done something wrong like shop lifting. But I am know well there I know one employee on a name basis. 

But he was not there that night and I was kind of happy he was not. I feel more shy and embarrassed when doing naughty things around people that know me better. I only looked down to make sure I was not easily noticed that I was wearing my Depends which were starting to sag and become fuller. They also felt nice and warm and wet. 

I started to walk and it was not at the stage were I am slightly squeezing the gel and Depends as I walk. But nothing bad happened. I used them a little more in the store, paid for my things and left. On the way home I had more freedom because I was done with public areas. So as soon as I was closer to my condo after walking for about 3 minutes or so. I started to pause and just **** myself. Not fully but every time I let out a good couple second stream. I would wait and then proceed to walk. I was trying to over do it!  But I did not want to over do it all at once! Because I wanted to get an understanding on what the limits were. But i felt extra warm doing this on a cold night! And it felt so good....

I just wanted to go home and get off because this was such a naughty thing. Well my head was full of thoughts of doing this more in the future. Around more people and at like the movies. I could tell I had little to no leaks ever after I thought or assumed I would have leaks. I probably peed close to half of my bladders maximum capacity but that this given moment that was about everything I had in me. By the time I got to my front door I paused there and let it all out as quickly as I could. I even heard a 2 second hiss but by the 3rd second I was empty and put pushing out drops. 

When I got up to my bedroom I peed a tiny bit more out and then it was time to start pulling down layers and seeing what damages had been done. The shorts only had very small circles of wetness on them. My cargos were fine. And the Depends was sagging way down and had a lot of weight and it was pressing between my legs a lot as I walked. I moved the upper level of my condo wearing the depends and looking to see if any pee squeezed out etc. And nothing really did. And before I took off my pants I looked in the mirror and they were still fairly hidden all things considered. What did this mean? 

That the Depends were officially marked safe for use in very public areas. With minimal leaks. But I did not sit... so sitting would be the risky thing. So I did test that. I sat down in these wet Depends and to my surprise they did not leak if there were not peed in while sitting. Meaning even if they were really used while standing. Sitting would be fine. But some wetting while sitting is also fine because just an hour ago before soiling my Depend I had tested for that as well.  So I was feeling good. I don't remember how I ********** or if it really even included the Depends. I don't even remember how I took them off.

But I know I probably watched some pee or diaper **** while thinking of things I would do and got off that way.

I went to bed with the intentions of heading out in the morning and looking for actual diapers. While doing some naughty peeing in public at the same time!
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Yup always do get trinkets doesn't matter if you need something or not

Your recent experiences with diaper/depends wetting makes me want to try this too! I've never done it before, I couldn't see the point in wetting myself in a diaper or depends or something, because somehow I didn't think it would be like really wetting oneself. I don't know if that makes sense. But your recent stories on this have given me some insight into the pleasures to be thereby obtained. I'll give it a go and maybe post a story on it.

I felt the same. And still do! It's not always really wetting yourself unless you purposely try to get them wet. And there is a difference between Diapers and Protective underwear... I don't think diapers can be used as easily in public. Sure they probably hold more and leak less. But they can be big and noisy. I am wearing an Adult Diaper right now for the first time. I'm not sure I can fit pants on under this. lol Let alone go out in public. Its big compared to the underwear it would stick up out of my cargos most likely. I would have to be very careful. I could go out in public with them but more secretly away from people probably.

I will see I have a lot to see before I figure out everything.

But wetting a diaper or more so Depends my real diaper is still dry. But I know what it generally feels like and it's not really wetting. It gets it's naughty factor from an other source. But it's still naughty one way or the other and worth trying if your interested. It won't become the new norm for me. And they are many things I like more about wetting my pants. However Depends and or Diapers can in theory be used and not make a huge mess everywhere. And with the Depends I used them in very close proximity to people with little to no problem.

Thanks. I will definitely try something like this. I have seen incontinence product like protective pads in the shops and some are intended for men - I guess the shape has to be different because of the external plumbing arrangement that men have.
I wouldn't have the level of embarrassment that you had about buying these things. After all, some of these things are intended for men my age or maybe a bit older that have developed some kind of bladder weakness. And 20 years of living with women and buying the things that wife, daughter and a terminally-ill sister-in-law needed has raised my embarrassment threshold to some extent.
Like you, I don't think that this would become a new norm for me. The thing is, I just love the feeling of warm pee running down my legs, the warm wet jeans against my thighs etc. But, from your story, I think it is worth a try.