Did My Depends Underwear Leak? Part 2 Of 2

Hopefully by the end of this I will be fully caught up with my Experiences. And I have something to share at the end! It takes a while in before the good parts happen! But it's an interesting all around experience. Well there are two different experiences here.... Morning and Evening both start off a little slow before having anything real naughty starting.

The Morning:
I woke up, than stuff happened and eventually I put on Depends and left the house. I hope you were not expecting a recount for simple things like rubbing my eyes, yawning... stretching... staying in bed for 20 minutes pondering if I wanted to sleep more etc etc...

I at 11:00AM about and I wanted to mainly scout out all Drug Stores etc. It was Saturday I know that for sure. In the city I live in there are A LOT drug stores and I needed to plot a special charter or path to take that would hit the most different drug stores and pharmacies to maximize the chance of finding what I wanted to find. And there way no way I was going to drive! I wanted a more public and longer event. So yes I left my car well truck at home and I set out on the adventure!

The trouble is I was still extremely nervous about buying the diapers or whatever product. It was after the best I could find. So I was not against buying protective underwear again as long as it was better than my Depends. But chances are I needed Fitted Briefs or Diapers etc. And this was after reading about knowing what to look for. I forget who but the person who told me about Fitted Briefs is a life saver. Because they are basically diapers! They don't say adult diapers on the package so this whole time I was looking for a product that really does not exist in stores. However I was still looking for something that said overnight or had a higher rating or looked like real diapers even the night were I bought the ones I have.

I assumed they might not say Adult Diaper but I had no idea. Now I knew what to try to look for.

So I set out and had to catch a bus to the terminal. I am going to skip large portions of the walk and ride because while I had to pee a little. I had just drank a lot before leaving and I did not want to smell like urine and have a baggy Depends on while secretly trying to buy real diapers! I think the cashier and other people might assume that yes they are for me and I'm not buying them for others if they find out I am wearing one already! lol 

So I waited for the bus. It arrived. I got off the bus 5-10 minutes later and entered a single drugstore there is was more privately owned one and from forums I have searched people have come across the better stuff there but it's not always the case and Canada is apparently a terrible place to find in store good products. It was a fairly small place and I found a couple things I have NEVER seen before. A brand called Tena underwear and about a 3-4 absorption rating. I looked for terms like overnight or fitted brief but did not see any. I assumed I already had better ones already in my pants, dry and just waiting to be used by a naughty girl.

But I liked the name Tena at least it's better than Depends because I hate typing Depends! Like take this made up example... I don't know if I can afford Depends it depends on how much money I have. I don't know how good protective underwear are I guess it depends Depends are fairly good though!

See it's annoying.

As usually I had to pick up random objects with I am going to call trinkets for the rest of my life! Because not only do I have to use trinkets as an excuse to stand around and secretly read diaper packages I also need to buy something with the diapers so it's more realistic. So when your out shopping for diapers even more so if your shy or new to it. Your likely going to exam and maybe buy some trinkets. Things you may actually want but are not likely or were originally going to get. Sometimes the trinkets are things you have no need for. 

For example the first day were I bought the two bags that I have I picked up some things that were just as bad or embarrassing as diapers! Like there I was holding some constipation pills that make pooping easier while staring at a row of adult protection products! With people near by... No one really put two and two together and there really was no two and two. I realized what I had in my hand and I quickly put it down! 

And than in an other store I was staring at a wall of condoms for like a minute that were very close to the diapers etc. And than I realized and moved away!

Anyhow back to this current experience I was in the small store and nothing seemed like diapers or fitted briefs but there were new brands so I looked to make sure. I could not get close in case but I could see that what I was after was not there. I did however see a long partially see though bag with tiny thin blue things that I thought could have been diapers. The bag was really hard to see! Small words and nothing that made me think they were for wearing. Except they were just under the protective products. There name started with a D but they were not Depends. I think they may have been to lay down on a bed or something? I still don't know if there were something I would have any interest in. But needless to say I left. 

I had to wait a while in the rainy cold snowy weather for the next bus. Kind of wishing I brought my truck. But trust me I need to get out and walk around I sit a lot in life. lol  Not for weight reasons but because I have had leg problems in regards to sitting to long. Nothing serious but I want to keep it that way.

I reached the bus terminal and went for my long walk. I charted out 5 places to go to. Which I could hit all five within an hour and reach a good point to take a bus back to the terminal.

I started out on the walk and actually found what I swear was an unlisted drug store and it was the same company as one of the places I had marked to go visit. But it was closed and I soon realized the flaws in my plan. But I pressed onward! 

The cold was starting to get to me but I came to the next drugstore and it was open but useless! I feared diapers were maybe not off the counter! Which would suck. I would hate to have to ask for some as well as pay for them at the counter! 

But I put that fear behind me I never really thought that was the case. But this place was attached to an actual walk in clinic. And it still had worse products and only one product in fact. I liked the building though it was kind of a cozy warm place with a large public washroom. Since most places were closed including the clinic part. There was like five people in the public part of the building including the staff working in the pharmacy or drugstore etc. So I could of have started there and do some relaxing wetting. In fact it's not a bad place in general to return to with or without diapers if I want to be naughty. Like a floor peeing in the bathroom.

I left and the cold was starting to get to me and the Depends was hurting me even though it was dry. It was like poking my leg somehow. And it was like this the whole time. But now it was getting annoying and hurting a little.

I tried hard to adjust them but nothing worked. I had three more places to go to. The next place was closed. And than the 4th place I only put on the list for the heck of it and I wanted to warm the hell up! Because I already checked two of these drugstores before in fact I bought the products I do have at two other of these drugstores in town. And not only did they both have the same products but I searched this store online and read that they virtually never sell fitted briefs at least not that I could see. And many people have mentioned that the larger chain type drugstores sell worse products. And I read a Canadian forum were this person listed off like six drug stores that usually don't have real diapers or places he checked. And this was one of them.

But I figured that since I don't spend a lot of time outside... this cold was killing me now and I needed a place to go and I might as well see if they sold what I already was using to possibly buy it here in the future again if needed.

As a kid I used to hang out in this area I loved it here! And I have been in this drugstore millions of times as a kid and teen. But we moved to the other end of town.

So JUST like usually I walk in... get greeted... kind of secretly read what aisle to walk down. Avoid it until I get a chance to kind of see every person in the place. I move down the aisle to take a look basically knowing I won't find anything interesting. And so I look over and see Fitted Brief and I'm like okay Fitte.... WAIT!  Fitted Brief!  And than I looked further down the row and saw an other brand with Fitted Brief with fairly large lettering saying over night use! I resisted a smile.

The one that said overnight use was Life Brand. I will keep the other a secret for now. None were Depends though. They both looked like what I was after! The problem was the place was jammed packed full of people. I was not going to buy one now. But I could drive back later or for sure an other morning or night. 

So I left basically slapping myself in the face wishing I could buy them. I did not know if it was rare in the very least no one said I had any chance of finding products like that in the drugstore I went to. And the other two did not have them and it's not like they were just sold out either. 

OK! So now I knew were to come, but I did not want to rule out finding better things or increasing my selection. After all with my fear I can only buy so much so often. I might as well find the best option. So I left the store to head onto the last remaining locations which I think was just one place and I had high hopes for it from what I read. When outside I was like... I'm done with holding my bladder I'm old enough to choose not to! And I need to reward myself for finding this place. I was horny and so anticipating everything. Not only wetting my currently worn Depends but picking up fitted briefs later in the night.

On the walk to the next place I stopped not even bothering to look around. There were cars driving by like mad and I did not try and pretend to be doing something I stood there and slowly started to pee. It felt really good to just do it in public without my pants taking a soaking. Like I would not normally beside a busy road in the open. I did not worry much about wetting, well I did a little bit I had been walking for 40 minutes now so I don't know if the moving could have positioned them wrong. But I peed and took the chance. I went more than I thought I would but I did it very slow and it got all over down there it must have been fairly tightly worn since I was dry. It sure felt like it leaked but not a single drop. I put my hands into my pants really carefully and quickly and no between my legs were very dry.

I continued the walk enjoying the changed feeling but knowing I was protected! It's not often I endorse protection is it. Considering I started a kind of popular bed wetting without protection group on EP. 

I was excited and starting to actually like the Depends in public I was one horny girl. I did not do anything else I got into the next drugstore and it was one of the worst yet. One product 3 out of 5 drops! One bag left and only room for one more bag. I almost felt like walking up to the man and lady working there speaking in a fairly loud voice, and be like "I give up! Can you order me adult diapers! I will pay in full now! They are not for a sick or injured family member I just want to use them! " "I like DIAPERS! I got on one now and it's wet!"

But no I DID NOT do that. Now yes I did find what I was looking for but I was upset because at that time I had no idea if they were really what I was looking for. Or if they were good enough? Or if I wanted better anyhow. And I could not even pick them up because of my fear. lol

I did actually say something to them though... I had a question about better pain relief pills if possible. What is the absolute best over the counter pain pills. Because I had a headache on and off for like 1-2 days. It's gone now though. And it was not related to the stress of trying to find diapers or over powering my fear and buying them. And I was feeling horny and brave so while talking to them I was like why not go potty in my pants! So I did... I peed slowly on and off for about 20 seconds. I had to try hard to keep up the conversation and than the worst thing happened. They were good at there jobs and cared about there jobs so they came out from behind the giant barrier and got close to me and found me something to buy.

I don't think they smelt me! I was a more than a little scared though. Peeing in public even close to people is a little risky. But I had two peoples direct attention one on one direct attention and they were standing right with me.

After holding off that heart attack I left and it was cold outside. I found the proper bus stop and peed a little standing at it. The bus was full of people but I found a seat to myself and wet a tiny bit sitting down but not much at all. And yes I could tell it leaked a tiny bit but only like 5% of the amount I just peed. So I peed like five spoon fulls and like 1/4th of one spoon full leaked. Something like that.  I peed a little more after sitting up better and I think none of it leaked. I was kind of freaked out and my bladder has been trained to wet in public even directly into my pants if this was not the case. If I was totally new to all this there would be NO way I could wet in public. It was hard on me with my experience.

But no I did not have any of the rush or jittery legs and I tried to be very calm and normal.  I even looked over at a mother and what I assume was her teen daughter and they were looking at me. And I was even able to wet while looking at strangers in the face. It was rather nerve wrecking but I did it as a test to see if I could wet while talking or looking directly at people. Talking was one thing I could only do it if there was some distance. And looking at someones face while peeing is harder. I don't think I want to do it often it felt strange.

By the time I got off the bus it was colder out the temperature was dropping a degree an hour. It was no longer rainy so to say. It was brighter out. But colder because of the wind I guess. 

I waited around inside and outside for the bus. And while I could not bring myself to sit down and wet out of fear. I stood about 5-10 feet away from some people in the middle of the bus terminal and used my pants as a toilet. Enough that I started to fear real leaking. So I had to stop and slow down and on top of that within 30 minutes my bus was there. Since it was really crowded this time of day not so much on my direct bus but in virtually every other place and it wa bright out I wanted to avoid any leaks. I was a good girl until I reached my condo. 

Once inside I choose to finish in my Depends! I was not going to change out in fear of leaks I was going to finish what I had in me. But I was rather empty all things considered. I still wanted to do it slowly and time it perfectly. And move and walk between every pee so it would be like I was in public. So I did just that this time I was even more horny because I could now **********. I slowly put a hand inside and fingered myself a little and rubbed away. Only to pull it out and reposition the Depends and use them some more. They were very baggy or whatever I'm exposed to call it. Saggy... full I should say. The awesome part is I peed quite a bit more like almost half the amount as the whole time out. I would say while I was out I emptied more than 1/4th of my bladder at least. Probably close to half... and I let out an other 1/4th at home. And I was walking around and even went up the stairs and guess what. Minimal leaking. I took off my pants because I was finished. And my shorts were damp, quite damp mind you. But my cargos were virtually completely dry. The Depends was on it's final life though. It was huge! Bulging way out under me and in the front & back. 

And I smelled like I was wearing a peed Depends. Now like I had peed my pants so that's good but I did smell. I guess I like that I smelled it's part of the public diaper wetting experience I guess.

So my plans were to head back out after 7:30PM, driving this time. And buy the fitted Briefs. But which kind? I kind of asked about that here mainly in private to people who have messaged me recently about all this. 

The Evening :
My plans changed a lot! First of all I was now hanging out with a friend at her place. lol  And my time out with the Depends had left me sore and knowing that Diapers effect me a lot. I did not have a rash yet but my legs did not like Depends. I needed a 40 minute bath to clean up well. 

My friend and I headed out to do things. I was wearing something my friend did not know about. Yes I put on a new Depends because I was likely dropping her at her place and than I could go pick up the Diapers. I did some research and found out they were likely what I was after but I did not have enough time to do the research I needed.

So I am going to skip a lot because it was hours until I was alone. First I should say at least wearing a dry Depends does not worry me much around friends. Not that I plan on ever doing it purposely again. And the Depend was hurting me while dry. Even more so because I had the starting or pre-rash feeling going on. But I cleaned myself good in the bath I was alright. More than alright.

And unlike last time I NEEDED to pee. If I wanted I could recreate a small pond in the Depends! Not that it could hold any of it. I made an excuse to need to go to the drugstore a different store to widen my search and opinion. In side I had to be extra careful about my observation because I was with someone. But I found the section I was looking for and they had a new brand!! And as you may EXPECT IT WAS!! Absolutely useless.

And than my friend came up to me while I was looking at them and said "O! You like adult diapers... so do I! I thought you were wearing something under there Sarah."

Kidding! No, I did not have to commit suicide or anything. Instead I was able to quickly walk past the section and saw nothing of interest. If that did happen though I would probably be her *****... I could easily be blackmailed. So I would have to end my life. lol  But if that friend did find out the outcome would be her being really embarrassed for herself and me. Making up an excuse to leave and probably trying hard not to tell anyone else but doing so anyhow the next time she was really drunk. And shes my friend from work. 

Hours later I dropped my friend off and at her house. And in her driveway I peed my Depends for a couple seconds and savored the lovely feeling. And naughty feeling of doing something so quickly after saying goodbye to a friend.

So now I was wet and it took a little pressure of the need to go. It also added to the need to go because now my brain switched over to you can pee your pants mode. It was late and guess what. Yes the drugstore was closed. Probably just recently closed too.  And I knew I had plans for the next day as well. So I decided to put things off until Monday. At least buying one of the fitted briefs and I wanted to do a little more research. Plus I know this drug store was closed from the website but it had a good chance of having a 3rd brand of fitted briefs from what I understood reading online and it was going to be closed until Monday.

But I was not done being naughty I still had a full bladder to release. But I had no were to go. I did not want to just go park my car and walk around. I wanted a destination. I could not see a movie etc. And I wanted to to be a fairly safe place. So I decided I would go home... leave my car there again. But not taking a bus I would walk to the drugstore near my place. And not wet on the way there. I REALLY DID NOT want to buy diapers there. I go to that drugstore often. But I wanted to check what they had anyhow. And I assumed it could be fitted briefs because it was the again the same drugstore that had two places without and one place with. It's a 20-25 minute walk there. But only about 15 minute walk home because of the incline.

So I rarely walk there. I walk to places even further away as long as it's level ground and usually around my place it's very level. But not go there. I don't hate hills or anything it's just walking that long in the cold and potentially with wet Depends or pants. Count me out! But I did it anyhow. 

My thought process was more of a workout and experiences out walking and wetting etc. And it gave me a timespan were I had to be in public. Or else it would be boring to drive to like a remote area and pee in my Depends quickly and drive home. So like I said I wanted a destination with a goal. Heck I was going to buy some junk food if I could not get the diaper. Strange enough I don't feel conferable buying water or food with Diapers. I will buy other trinkets but it would be strange standing at the cash with food or water that might end up inside the diaper later on or the next day.... so it makes me feel weird.

Like holding pooping pills while searching for diapers! I thought they were pain pills or vitamins or something.

So I walk into the drugstore and am not greeted because it's so late but the store is still open for a little while longer. I don't recognize any of the workers but I am sure some of them have seen me before and I know the appearance of many of the workers I see here regularly but I don't know there names or anything. So in my mind it's possible to pick up something but something I was not planning to do at all. Even if I found fitted briefs. And guess what? I found the two exact same brands and sizes of fitted briefs. 

My heart started to pound and I really wanted to get them. But I simply could not my fear kept me from doing it and it was probably a good thing! I go here every week and I run into co-workers and family here sometimes.  I have had an employee here telling me my new haircut looks good before. So if they know me enough to tell I got a recent haircut it's not a good place to keep my privacy.

I was also tired exhausted and cold. I never walk this much in one day, and I'm out of my house this much either. I needed to pee quite a bit and I was at the point were my good old self was kicking in. So to cheer myself up I told myself that I was going to have a dry bladder by the time I got home. I did not care what happened the way home was going to be very wet! I knew ahead of time it would leak. I was like I'm going to go walk home and leak my Depends. I'm going to have pissy pants on! 

So I set off to do just that. Knowing that Monday would be the next day I could attempt to get my Adult Diapers. I waited until I was across the street and half way home about 8 minutes from my front door because guess what? It was so cold out it was a nightmare! I almost decided to not wet at all or only wet until it started to leak but I needed the sexual excitement of doing something really wrong. So at about the halfway point I started to just go for it. I did not stop walking at first I pushed hard and only a very small amount came out you could probably not even see it. So I had to slowly walk and push hard and a fair amount of pee came out. Like enough that it filled up a little in the area of my Depends that was seeping down. But I don't think it leaked it was a fast pee though so I was past the point of caring.

Again I stopped this time and pushed on my bladder and I peed for 5 seconds in a row at quicker than normal pace basically knowing it would leak and I started to walk before giving it to much time to absorb. My Depends were sloshing or crinkling a little I could feel the swelling gel between my legs and against my ***** and it was so warm but cooling rather fast. But I don't think much leaked I could tell it felt a little damp but I felt all along my pants and crotch and my cargos were not even slightly damp or wet. 

About a minute of walking still I felt dry outside of the Depends and the Depends while full felt kind of fine I felt safe and secure like I could be in a crowd still. Stopped at an electric poll and rested my back on it and sighted in relief with my legs spread just a tiny bit and my eyes were closed I did not care if anyone was looking out there window at me and wondering what I was doing. I sat some of the things I ended up buying, junk food etc. Down on the ground along with my backpack I was wearing in case I did buy diapers so keep them hidden.

I pressed hard on my bladder and I could hear the hiss even though the loud wind and winter hat and distant cars driving by the next road over. But the street I was walking was fairly calm and empty just houses, wind and darkness and my own personal outhouse between my legs and it felt so warm it hissed and everything in my pants went warm around my crotch my legs and bum and all around my ***** even above it warmed right up. I felt how much the urine pooled before absorbing in and unlike last time I did give it some time to absorb. I peed a lot compared to any other pee in my Depends outside the house so far. I mean it I was done being safe and caring I was trying to make them leak so it was like a more than a cup of pee in a very short time. I started to walk and it felt damp and warm and I think some pee leaked maybe a little bit more than just some. But for the amount I peed compared to the leakage amount it was nothing at all. I still felt kind of warm and dry but the Depends was messed up.  I was on a wild high from ******* myself like this and knowing I had like half a bladder left at least to let out and my Depends were already in my opinion at the point were they would leak everything else I put in them.

Walking felt funny and I had to keep my legs a little apart to not crush the Depends between them. I peed a little taking a couple second pauses in walk... I even stopped and felt my cargos and they felt fine. My legs felt dry to...
well no my legs were FREEZING! That's how I know they were not peed on no warm or wetness there.  I think the Depends were past the point of being able to wear in public areas or at least bright public areas. Because they were tenting out in basically all directions and I was running out of room in my pants. lol 

But not to have leaked by this point made me understand just how much they can take! I was way off on any estimate. At least for standing they could take a fair share of punishment. But I had enough of this! The same was over... I'm going to make you leak now... it's over... I found a good spot still in the street to stand I tried to act normal but I can't when peeing this much it's good that I was alone and in the dark. Now this time I peed!  In fact I peed so much I had to stop peeing to expand the muscles and such so I could start to pee again.

Kind of like breathing out, at home point you need to breath in again before you can breath out further. So I pushed hard to pee them as quickly as I could and the stream slowed down and almost ran out... so I had to relax for a second so I could start to **** again this time it was difficult to pee as hard so I peed my normal pee rate but for about nearly 8 seconds it seemed. And yes my Depends filled up like a toilet... I could clearly tell they were filling up there was no absorption at least not like before. I cannot tell how full they got but it was so wonderful! And different from just ******* your pants... both normal wetting and diaper wetting feels better in there own ways in my opinion but I was kind of going to cross paths with both ways. Because there I was a grown woman wearing adult wetting protection and I was purposely peeing them but on top of that I was also purposely leaking them and thus ******* my cargo pants. Despite the amount I peed which I cannot estimate mainly because I was in a whole other place for a moment... the Depends still did there job to a degree. Yes right than and there they leaked! I felt the pee travel as far down as my knees and on near freezing skin that feels lovely!

And it's not like I could mistake it for anything else I had pissed my real pants not just the protective underwear.  But I guarantee at least half of the pee somehow stayed in the Depends probably absorbed in the higher up areas that still had dry gel or nearly dry gel. I think the Depends held close to 75% of the pee. But that 25% was enough to make me very wet...  I could slightly notice the wetness on my cargos but they hide wetness fairly well. 

It takes a lot of pee to show though on them and they only show though for a while, and after a while it takes time for it to absorb into the material in the cargos. I started to walk and now each step felt wet... I was squeezing the gel and Depends and they were leaking more and more every step for a little while until they stopped. 

I was 2 minutes away from being home I could see my condo area. That's were I stopped by a fence and stood there to empty everything else. I was still feeling sort of dry. Yes my pants were wet but not soaked. And I could barely tell they were peed. However my legs were absolutely FREEZING! If I was a kid I would be crying if I was out in this temperature and had a wetting accident. Well I would cry if I ever had an accident to begin with as a child.

But I was in pain from the cold and the effects of basically wearing my urine on my between my legs  all day on and off, and my legs were sore from all the walking. 

But I stood at the fence and let loose... I peed at a normal rate but there was no stopping... the Depends filled up the most yet this was my biggest out of the house **** even more than the past couple. Almost right away I felt a stream traveling down my legs and it kept going. But it was again not matching the amount I let out. But I would say more than half of my pee was leaking. And I emptied about 1/4th or more of my total bladder capacity. My peed lasted for about 15 seconds and it soaked down to my socks and that's it. No peed it the ground or filled my shoes. Because most of the pee had previously been released into the Depends and this batch some of it also must have absorbed. But I drenched myself I mean both legs front and back were soaked and sticking to my legs as I once again began to walk. Almost run I was fast walking because the pee cooled very quickly and my legs were stinging from the cold.

My crotch was steaming hot and before I started to walk I did try to pee more but nothing more would come. So yes I emptied my full bladder and paid the price but I was loving every second of it until the end of the last **** were my legs started to freeze. Within a minute I was within my condo complex area... and I walked to my condo... the Depends were at there most expanded and saggy I have ever felt them even at home using them. And I could tell that even without leaking I could not be in public like this you could tell I was wearing a diaper from the bulging and the way I was walking. I also imaging that even without leaking I would smell like a public washroom. 

I should mention that during the very last **** there I peed enough that if I really needed to poop it would have came out accidentally. And since I realized... I realized this and actually tried to defecate myself totally on purpose... I pushed hard on my bowels and bladder but I could only pee. 

When I got home I paused at my door and tried to pee only a little came out. I got inside and already my cargos did not really look wet in most areas. I could actually notice a kind of stain on them though from the pee or wet area. So I could tell the pee was not diluted much to change the tint in the color black even if just a very little bit. It appeared more as firm or bubbly texture on the outside of my pants near the knees. You know the bubbles that form in the toilet when you pee sometimes that was the main sign on my pants that told me yes this girl had wet herself. The rest blended in well that's why I like cargos and that why I **** them in public areas without diapers and like it.

I went up to my living room and kitchen and took of my cargos and let the air warm up my legs. I waked around only in a shirt and absolutely full and ruined Depends... I think the gel may have broken out of it's original shell or area it likes to hangout. And it was seeping lower than it should even when full. Probably from grinding in my pants as I walked. But it was not to bad... sure I cannot have Depends like this in any type of light or very public area. But in my pants they were not so bad. I could sit in a theater watching a movie and wet them until they leak and keep going and it should be good. In fact I don't think a single drop would touch the floor. Between the Depends, Shorts, Cargos and Seat itself I think they would absorb everything even my basic full bladder could output as long as I did it kind of slowly. A busting bladder or peeing a whole bladder quickly would just go right though even more so sitting down it would be a mess. But I have done it without Depends. 

I had to warm up in a long bath and I had a tiny rash... I am fine now while typing this it took half the next day to heal up and return to normal.  I *********** in the tub... lol

So finally all that is left is the announcement. 

Yesterday I drove out to the drugstore that closed on me and bought some Adult Diapers. Not to much about the store I should mention. Same pattern as always for scoping the place out. I did not use the diapers yet because I was tired, it was late and I was just getting over the rash.

After posting this and preparing for a good wetting I'm going to put on my first Adult Diaper and use it. I don't think it will be any thing fancy... But I'm not going to do the whole set of tests things. I am going to use it fully in bed! Maybe just pee but I am doing a full bladder release... well maybe not full bladder but close to it more than my Depends could EVER take without leaking. And I'm going to do my pee at a near or completely normal speed. If it starts to leak I will change positions or something but I am not leaving my bed until my bladder is empty. If it does not leak at all or very little I will likely remain in one position the whole time. And it if heavily leaks I am going to keep going and soak my whole bed. No stopping or giving up... I am more than willing to soak my whole mattress if it comes to that.

And if I feel like it and am able to I might go BM in them to. But I don't need to go right now. I am going to drink water and wait a while so who knows what will happen. 

I did research on the exact brand of Diaper and everything I got. While it's not up the quality of some of the mega Adult Baby diapers like abenas or whatever it's called or dry 24/7. I read the specs on them and wow. Some of the best diapers seem a little bit to me though they have so much padding. However I went with the Medium Tena Fitted Briefs. The package even said super which from what I understand and looked up is one of there best products? But I cannot 100% confirm it's them the box looked way different. However they look exactly like the Tena Supers and come in the same sizes etc. So the packaging is way off. But the diaper itself appearance wise looks identical. The package and website's have similar descriptions. Either way the worst Tena Fitted Briefs if my research is correct are a lot better than what I am currently using. 

And if I truly have Tena Supers they are above various other fitted briefs and most people seem to say they are better than Life Brand and Depends fitted briefs which were my only other two options. So for in store these seem like good real Adult Diapers. For online ordering and such they are still on the lower end scale but nothing to be depressed about having. In fact I think they will do good.

Wetgirl is going to go put on her first Diaper soon. I will start my next experience by giving some information on the Diapers I choose. And than get into the messy stuff.
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I love your stories please add me as your friend.?
Thanks, Dave

Sure and your avatar made me laugh.

I have tried many types of diapers/nappies, I think Tena are the best in general but overnight you need to use the Maxi ones with all the Drips coloured in, the others are OK for daytime unless out for a long time or not that bothered about it being a bit obvious when wearing pants, it doesn't bother me any more.
Best wishes. Detruser

Really so I kind of lucked out or made the right decition going with TENA Supers as my first real Diapers. I know if I turned to online ordering there are diapers that crush TENA's like albenas and dry 24 sevens. However I don't wish to go that route and I think those diapers are overkill for me anyhow. lol