I Certainly Do.

This is going to be a really quick experience. This happened like 2-3 weeks ago now. I was going to mention this in part of a longer experience but I wanted to get something shared today. I have another experience saved halfway though in a draft.

And I have something else I have done recently to share. But I am taking a short break from EP. So I won't be posting much for a little over a week.

I mentioned on one of my past experiences that I broke one of the four tapes on a diaper while I was trying to put it one. So I thought the diaper was wasted and I put on another diaper instead for that experience. But a few days later I decided to make use of the broken diaper. So it would not go to waste. And this will be my first in public real adult diaper experience.

But it was more so a trial or a test to what I have planned soon. I only have five diapers left and I assume that I am going to be wearing and using one in the theater. And I want to fully use another one of the five in public somewhere else. And I need to save one for the hotel experience perhaps.  So as of this moment I only have two diapers left that I can use however I want. The rest are in reserve. 

So back a couple weeks ago I wanted to walk down to the near by store and pee a real diaper out in public. I wanted to see how noticeable the diaper is in terms of sound, and looks. And also smell I guess. So I purposely used the broken diaper for this test. I thought that if I could conferable wear and use a broken diaper in public a proper one will work even better. 

So I laid down on my bed and managed to get the diaper on. And than I got dressed for the cold weather outside and left my condo around 8PM. It was really dark out and I walked down to the nearest stores it's not a far walk. I stopped for a quick moment to pee the diaper a little on the way there but it feels so strange stopping during a walk to pee. I know that no one else would expect what I was doing but it feels like everyone is watching me. So I only did it for just one moment.

In my opinion the diaper was not to bad. With just shorts on the diaper is easily noticeable in all regards. Sight, sound and more than likely easily by smell as well. But under my cargo pants the diaper becomes more hidden and compact. It's a big diaper though I have seen various people use diapers online in pictures and videos and only about half are bigger than the TENA's I have. I have seen some people wet diapers on videos and I was shocked at how small or thin some diapers can be. Still any real diaper is better than most or all pullups. 

Before I get back to the experience at hand I will mention that I saw Depends Maximum Protection Fitted Briefs in another Drugstore just a week ago. But I heard they are not as good. So I will likely be picking more TENA's up eventually but I will probably be waiting a long while. Plus I think the Depends have the plastic back which means every other diaper will be garbage from just trying to put them on! lol  I need re-fastenable diaper tapes. 

I got to the convenient store after 10 minutes and my diaper was not even warm I only just peed them a little. And I thought to myself why not fully relieve your bladder right here in this store. So I walked around for a little bit before I felt like I was no longer being watched directly. Even though it is a small place so I was not hidden or anything people were around me but when I felt as safe as possible I went and looked at some cookies and stuff and started to pee. I tried to look normal and I kept going and it felt so warm and lovely just filling my diaper up.

I wanted to try and defecate the diaper but I did not have the guts. And I also did not have any need to go #2 right at that moment. I was a little worried because I peed much more than I thought I would. It was close to a full bladder but not quite. When I was finished of course the whole diaper was really warm, almost hot even since I had just been walking in the cold. I did not waste and time I bent over and got some cookies using the moment to feel my pants. I know your not exposed to draw attention to yourself but I needed to check for signs of wetness and to see how bulged out the diaper was. It seemed alright.

I quickly moved towards the cash register trying to get there quickly so the person working there an older man could not see me from the waist or below. So the moment I had my cookies I darted between shelf to shelf quickly but calmly and than made the final stretch until I was at the cash. I paid for the cookies and than left.

I felt safe enough to draw some real attention to myself on the way home. When cars were not coming I was padding and touching my pants and looking at my behind. Sure I could tell I was wearing a diaper but only by a little bit. I thought I could easily put a diaper on and make it into the theater. The main question is do I want to soil the diaper for my first longer outing in public. Or do I just want to badly soak it? Also I plan to change or more so remove the diaper in the washroom or somewhere else. I don't know if can safely walk back to my car if I wet and or soil a diaper. In many ways wetting or soiling a diaper can be just as bad or worse than doing it in my pants.

The bulging is extreme on a 2-3 full bladder wetting and or soiling diaper. Meaning my cargos can hide wetness but not to much bulging fully. However I have wet and soiled in a theater seat using my pants as the toilet. If I do go to that theater I can exit from the back of the theater I don't have to leave the way I came in. So that theater is safe to wet or soil a diaper for sure. And it's the only theater I can wet myself safely at. Well I have wet at another theater as well but not to the same degree or not as often. And I can only soil at one theater. 

But perhaps the diaper can give me the option to wet and or soil in more different theaters. As long as I can make it to the washroom I can take the diaper off and slip it into my school bag or the trash bin if I am alone in the washroom.

However if I soil in a diaper I don't plan to change until I get home or into my truck. If I wet I can change almost anywhere private.

The last thing I will say about this experience is I peed a little more on the way home and it took a good 3-5 minutes before the diaper cooled off because it was really cold out after all. It kept me warm though for most of the walk home. And I examined myself once I got home in the mirror and I think the diaper was hidden enough. Not perfectly hidden or even hidden enough not to worry at all. But it was hidden enough not to fear wearing one in public completely.

I should also say that even with one tape completely broken the diaper was not so bad. I managed to get the one left over tape on the left side to function as both the leg and waist tightening etc. It was hard and not fully functional. But it worked.
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When I use disposables and have a tape come loose I usually set that diaper aside and use it later as a night diaper double. I just perferate the bad diaper to allow wetness to pass through it then put a good disposable over it. Works great and feels wonderfully thick, plus it soaks in most all the night time wetting. I like using Bambino disposables so if you have ever used a Bambino diaper you know how thick a doubled up Bambino feels. Mmmmmmmmm nice.

I have yet to mess/wet in a theater and it is high on my list. I have got pooping in a mall down to a fine art and really enjoy talking to a woman while the poop slides into my diaper. The trick is not to hold it till it explosed in a burst of farts but rather slowly eases out in small logs. I wont mess if it is not firm in public.

Nice :) If you decide to remove the wet and soiled diaper in the theater washroom, you should definitely take it home in your school bag and play some more in it...instead of just throwing it away. Just pre-pack a couple of plastic bags in your school bag to place the diaper in case it leaks. :)