Wife's Dentist Appointent

My wife and I had to travel two hours to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for her appointment to get her wisdom teeth removed. I told her a couple days before the appointment that she was going to be wearing a diaper to the appointment. I made her wear an Abena X Plus that has the plastic backing. The diaper is really thick and comes up higher than her jeans do. Her shirt was the only thing concealing the top of it.

An hour into the drive, she had to take her valuum's so she was feeling good by the time we got there. She doesnt remember much at the beginning of the surgery but does at the end. She told me that when they woke her up, they needed to remove some sensor pads on her stomach that check her vital signs. When the dentist assistant raised her shirt up, my wife tried to put her hand over the part of the diaper that was visible. She said the woman must of seen it because she saw it and acted like it was no big deal. My wife enjoyed the embarrassment though.
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

Love to hear about almost getting caught, such as this... Good for your wife that she had the courage to wear to the dentist's office!