"diapers" At Seaworld

So, I've been thinking about wearing diapers to Seaworld for a while now. (Again)Recently, I decided to do it. I walked to the nearest walgreens, and went to the Incontinence aisle.

They didn't have any diapers in my size, only Walgreens Pull ups. I thought this was OK, as the real diapers were in a huge container, and were for 10 inches above my size.
Bad mistake.

Bad, bad mistake. I got to Seaworld, and put one on.(After the security guy checked my backpack) and went inside. I then found out, that these are still the worst diaper ever.

Over the day, I drank a lot of water. This means I had to go a lot. I flooded the pull-ups a lot.
I also leaked a lot. That's what you get for getting pull-ups instead of diapers.

Later in the day, I noticed that the bag(that cost $20) had *fourty* pull ups in it. I had been wearing 2 at a time in the day, but now I decided it was time to go kind of extreme. I put on 12 pull ups. This felt more like an actual diaper. It was difficult to put my shorts back on, the pull ups were so thick. I was now walking kinda funny. I then went on the "Wild Arctic" ride, which simulates being in a helicopter, all this fun stuff. Soon after, I wet it. It leaked quickly. I went to change, I put all the diapers left(except a few) and the ones I was wearing in the big bag the diapers came in. Threw them in the trash, kind of a waste, but I couldn't do anything else with them. I then noticed I had a case of Diaper Rash(For the first time since I was a baby) on my thigh. It felt bad, but I got to the entrance to the park and took of the(now wet) diaper, and threw the rest away. Went back "home", and took a shower immediatly.

Should have gone to the next walgreens.
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Sea World is one of the best places to find good Diapers!!!